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Many cultures celebrate an adolescent's maturity to adulthood with ceremonies and celebrations. Often, these festivities include giving gifts to mark the occasion in a young person's life. Sentimental, meaningful and elegant, jewelry is a go-to gift for these events. Here are some present ideas for rite-of-passage celebrations you might attend:

Quinceanera: Observed in many Latin cultures, it is the celebration of a young lady turning 15 years old.

  • Present ideas: Many people like to go big on a Quince. This could mean a gift such as a diamond necklace or earrings. Others prefer a more sentimental gift that acknowledges faith, like a gold or silver cross necklace

Religious passage of young men (13 years old) and women (12 years old) into adulthood.

  • Present ideas: A watch is perfect for a young man, and diamond or cultured pearl earrings are great for a young woman. Other appropriate gifts include personalized styles with his or her Hebrew name.

Confirmation: Religious ceremony confirming a young person's faith in the Catholic or Protestant church. Ages range, but confirmation usually takes place during early adolescence.

  • Present ideas:  Confirmation is generally not celebrated with a big party. It is up to your discretion, but a more conservative gift may be appropriate, such as a simple gold cross necklace or bracelet. If you'd like to give something that speaks more to personality, consider a charm bracelet for a girl or an everyday watch for a boy.

Debutante: The traditional debut of a young woman into society. Age is generally 16 to 21 years old.

  • Present ideas:  As this is a celebration of a young woman ready to embark on her adult life, it calls for something that complements her beauty and maturity. Diamond and cultured pearl jewelry is always beautiful, but you could also consider a personalized style to mark the occasion.

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