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Jewelry Services

Cleaning, repair, upgrades, and more — we care for your jewelry for life

KAY is Your Full-service Jeweler

The pieces you love are more than just beautiful. They're part of your signature style, the way you tell your love story, or the way you celebrate family. They can be treasured investments or priceless heirlooms. For everything your jewelry means to you, KAY offers services to keep your jewelry sparkling for a lifetime.

Jewelry Cleaning, Always Free

Visit your KAY anytime for complimentary jewelry cleaning. Whether you purchased the jewelry from us or not, we're happy to give it an expert cleaning to make it shine like new. Always easy, always free.

Jewelry Repair & Maintenance

Bring this coupon to any KAY store and save 10 percent on your next jewelry repair of $10 or more. The promo code is R19D-00000-01018. Disclaimer: No cash value. Offer good for one jewelry or watch repair per customer. Jewelry repair must be picked up and paid for by 12/31/20. Excludes battery replacements. Not valid with any other offer.What's the most valuable jewelry in our stores? The pieces you bring in for repair. Those are often the most treasured pieces in your jewelry wardrobe — necklaces passed down to you from relatives, gemstone rings that have come to hold special meaning, bracelets that serve as important reminders. Just as you treasure your jewelry, we treasure the honor of taking care of it for you.

When you bring it to KAY for repair or maintenance, our experts first take images and plot the unique characteristics of your piece. When the repair has been completed, you receive a before-and-after view, plus a 6-month guarantee on workmanship. Continue to bring it in every 6 months for an inspection, and KAY repair professionals will keep each piece looking stunning.

1. Receive a Quote

Our KAY Jewelry Repair Team will determine which repairs are covered by a service plan or warranty, take "before" pictures, and send your item to our Design & Service Center.

2. Repair by an Expert

Next, your jewelry will be repaired by our Master Craftsmen, who are trained to restore your piece with meticulous care.

3. Return to You

After a final polish and inspection, your piece will be sent back to your local store and you'll be notified via email when it's ready to be picked up.

4. See The Before & After

When you pick up your jewelry, you'll be shown "before" images as you check results. This lets you confirm the repair services were completed and ensures your satisfaction.

Diamond Testing

We take diamond integrity very seriously. We use our proprietary Diamond Gemscope to confirm diamond authenticity, note color gemstone integrity, and capture digital images for planning repairs. Any diamond you bring to KAY will be expertly tested at least three times:

  1. When you first bring it to us
  2. When it's received from the Design & Service Center
  3. At the completion of the repair

Diamond Jewelry Upgrades & Trade-ins

Looking to upgrade? We're here to help. Any diamond jewelry purchased at KAY can be traded in for something brand new. Visit your KAY for a consultation and trade-in evaluation. Here's how it works:

  • Only KAY diamond jewelry items qualify for trade-in upgrade services. For instance, a diamond ring purchased at KAY can be traded for a new diamond ring, diamond bracelet, or any new diamond jewelry piece of your choice (excluding lab-created diamonds).
  • Because your trade-in eligible jewelry was purchased at KAY, our experts will be able to offer you the full value of the original purchase price (charges like tax and shipping are excluded).
  • Store credit can't be issued for a trade-in, so your new jewelry must be selected at the time of the upgrade.
  • Trade-ins are awarded the full value of the original purchase price.
  • The purchase price of the upgrade must be double the original purchase price or more. For example, if your original earrings were purchased at KAY for $500, your new purchase must be priced at $1,000 or more.
  • Pieces that feature only pearls, emeralds, sapphires, any other gemstones or lab-created diamonds aren't eligible for trade-in. For this same reason, your trade-in can't be used to purchase new gemstone jewelry or lab-created diamond jewelry.
  • Diamonds that are chipped, cracked, or have been damaged aren't eligible for upgrade.
  • Trade-ins can be completed in most KAY stores. At this time, trade-ins can't be completed on

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