SOLUTION: I Think I'm Allergic to my Ring

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If you're experiencing red and itchy skin on your ring finger, one of two things could be happening: irritation or an allergy.

Simple irritation from constant wear

For those who like to always keep their ring on, you do run the risk of developing some irritation on your skin. Wearing your ring 24-7 means water, soap, and, yes, dirt can all become trapped between your skin and the ring. Friction can also cause or compound this issue, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

Solving this is quite simple - take your ring off for just a bit. Let your skin breath and make sure to clean your ring. Having your ring professionally cleaned at KAY Jewelers is always a good idea, no matter how much you wear it. If your skin improves after taking these steps, you can rule out an allergy.

A metal allergy

Depending on the alloys in your ring and your sensitivity, you may need to swap out the band. If this is not an option, talk to a KAY Jewelers consultant about coating the inside of your ring to protect your skin.