Creating new life for your old jewelry

Do you have a piece of jewelry that’s important to you, but you don’t wear it very often?  Maybe you love your engagement ring, but you’d like something new.  Jewelry can have a lot of significance and hold many memories. But if it doesn’t fit you or suit your style, it probably just sits in a jewelry box.  Instead of holding on to jewelry you don’t wear, you can upgrade it, trade it in, or design something new.  From heirloom jewelry to wedding rings, KAY can help you re-purpose your old jewelry so you can create new and meaningful memories.

•    Trade-Ins & Upgrades: A lot of couples get engaged with placeholder rings or smaller diamonds and plan to upgrade later on.  An engagement ring or wedding band upgrade is also a wonderful idea for an anniversary gift to celebrate your renewed love. You can trade in your center stone and upgrade to a larger diamond, or trade in your entire ring and find a new one. You and your spouse can choose a new ring together that symbolizes how your love has grown. 

•    Gold Exchange: This is an excellent option for heirloom pieces. Perhaps you inherited valuable jewelry you know you won’t wear, and it doesn’t have special memories or significance.  Instead of holding onto it, you can exchange the gold or platinum and use that money toward something new. KAY’s gold exchange only accepts gold and platinum, so make sure any diamonds or gemstones are removed first.

•    Custom Design: Another great option for heirloom jewelry, custom design allows you to create a brand new piece of jewelry your way. You can use gemstones from other pieces and design a new setting to suit your taste, or create something that pays homage to the old jewelry. You could even design a new engagement ring or wedding band using stones from your current rings. Book an appointment today and speak with a KAY consultant about your custom design ideas.

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