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An engagement ring is a true symbol of love. This magical holiday season is the right time to take the next big step in your relationship and truly express your life-long commitment to one another. KAY's beautiful collection of engagement rings is here to inspire you and guide you in the right direction. With KAY's wide selection of engagement rings, you're sure to find the right engagement ring for your holiday proposal.

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Finding the Right Engagement Ring

Listen, finding the perfect engagement ring can be a pretty daunting task. Good news: we're here for every step of the journey. Whether you're browsing for your own ring or the lucky someone buying, our online store is full of resources and rings you're sure to love.

Halo Engagement Rings

A halo engagement ring features a design that surrounds a center stone encircled with smaller stones for a breathtaking effect. Not only are halo rings beautiful, many adore halo engagement rings ability to enlarge the look of the engagement ring center diamond or gem. Center white diamond accented with more white diamonds can be the perfect look for a classic engagement ring. Halo rings can add extra shine and sparkle to any engagement ring cut. Explore designer engagement rings like Neil Lane for stunning halo engagement rings. If want to make the engagement ring even more personal, customize your own halo engagement ring with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature!

Solitaire Engagement Rings

When you think engagement ring, solitaire engagement rings are a classic choice. Giving your fiancee a solitaire engagement ring gives her the opportunity to show off her diamond in a timeless setting that will never go out of style. Solitaire engagement rings are engagement rings with a single stone. Solitaire engagement rings can have a variety of center stones including a gemstone solitaire engagement ring, a white diamond engagement ring, a black diamond engagement ring, and more. Are you wondering "what engagement ring is my style?" Well, if you're going for a traditional look, a round diamond is the perfect style, but a princess-cut diamond, oval gemstone, pear diamond, emerald-cut or marquise shape single stone engagement ring can give her solitaire engagement ring a more unique flare. Solitaire engagement rings come in a variety of metals including yellow gold solitaire engagement rings, white gold engagement solitaire rings and rose gold solitaire engagement rings. Explore The Leo Diamond for extraordinary diamond solitaire engagement rings. Whatever you choose, solitaire engagement rings can make her engagement ring timeless and true to her tastes. Create a custom engagement ring with our Create Your Own feature for a unique twist on the classic solitaire ring!

Three-Stone Engagement Ring

The three-stone engagement ring has recently become a popular engagement ring design again thanks to royalty. Three-stone engagement rings are a gorgeous choice as a three-stone engagement ring can symbolize the past, present and future of your relationship; however, the three stone ring can represent whatever you please! Three-stone engagement rings are an effortless combination of elegance and sparkle. Three stone diamonds look great on any yellow gold engagement ring, white gold engagement ring or rose gold engagement ring. Three stone engagement rings come in an array of breathtaking shapes and designs. Explore your creative side with our custom engagement ring feature personalize your three-stone engagement ring today!

What are Vintage Engagement Rings

Shop vintage engagement rings for a unique piece inspired by the past. Vintage engagement rings offer a variety of styles from timeless, romantic looks to extravagant Art Deco engagement rings that are sure to capture her artistic style. Shop Vintage engagement ring styles in yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and more. Explore Neil Lane Studio for beautifully-crafted Art-Deco engagement rings for intricate engagement rings with details as unique as your love for one another. Create your engagement ring with a vintage look with Kay's engagement ring creator feature!

What are Gemstone Engagement Rings

Gemstones have been around for centuries, and gemstone engagement rings have become a popular engagement ring for women looking for unique engagement rings . Celebrated for their colorful tones, gemstones engagement rings can be a colorful center stone or a fashionable accent to a classic diamond engagement ring. Although there are many colorful stones, some gems have become popular for engagement rings. Are you thinking, "what engagement rings are in style?" Morganite engagement rings, aquamarine engagement rings, sapphire engagement rings, garnet engagement rings, amethyst engagement rings and blue topaz rings are trending engagement rings for their vibrant colors.

Round-cut Diamonds

The shape of the diamond is one of the most important elements when considering purchasing an engagement ring. The round diamond shape is the number one stone shape for engagement rings. The classic, round shape maximizes a diamond's fire, sparkle and brilliance. Explore traditional engagement rings like a solitaire ring with a round diamond center stone or a shiny round diamond halo ring. Round diamonds are exceptional for yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and even platinum engagement rings. Create Your Own engagement ring and customize your engagement ring with a round diamond with our bridal configurator! No matter what style of engagement ring you desire, round diamond cuts are the perfect shape for any engagement ring.

Oval-cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds and gemstones provide a romantic look to any engagement ring. The dazzling length of the oval cut is a popular choice as oval engagement rings can accentuate slender fingers. The classic diamond oval shape can be radiant in a solitaire style, or a colorful gemstone like an oval-cut morganite engagement ring can shine brightly as oval engagement rings. Oval engagement rings are perfect for any gold engagement ring including yellow gold engagement rings, rose gold engagement rings and white gold engagement rings. Make your oval engagement ring unique with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature!

Princess-cut Diamonds

The princess-cut diamond is a square shape with pointed corners and is the second-most popular shape next to round for engagement rings. The princess-cut shape is versatile, making a statement as a single stone or play it up with a three stone engagement ring. Princess cut engagement rings are popular for its sharp corners and design. No matter the style, the princess-cut engagement ring is sure to capture your heart with its dazzling sparkle and modern look. Create a custom engagement ring with princess-diamonds with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature!

Pear Engagement Rings

As a popular engagement ring cut, pear-shaped engagement rings , or teardrop engagement rings, offer a unique and feminine touch to any engagement ring style. Pear-cut diamonds look elegant on a solitaire engagement ring. Pair the teardrop engagement ring with a halo style engagement ring for extra shine. Shop pear engagement rings from designers like Neil Lane. Nail Lane has a variety of pear engagement rings that come in a colorful assortment. Explore the classic white diamond for your pear shaped engagement ring, or select a bright morganite or aquamarine teardrop engagement ring for a vibrant engagement ring.

Marquise Engagement Ring

Said to be named for a famous beauty at the French court in the 18th Century, the marquise cut is known by the French name navette, which means "little boat." The marquise shape has the same cut as a round brilliant, with 58 facets, stretched into an elongated shape with a point at the top and bottom. Marquise diamonds glisten on solitaire engagement rings, accentuating slender fingers. Shop marquise engagement rings for a trending engagement ring style.

Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Named for the traditional cut of an emerald gemstone, the rectangular shape of the emerald cut has a smooth top, or table, surrounded by step-like facets with beveled edges. Emerald engagement rings with a gemstone center like morganite or aquamarine are ideal perfect for a vintage-inspired engagement ring. Emerald engagement rings are also the perfect choice to show off larger center stones. Emerald engagement rings look great on yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings. Emerald-cut engagement rings provide a timeless design for women who love the large stone of an emerald-cut diamond.

Baguette Diamond Engagement Rings

Baguette shaped diamonds are the perfect accent to any engagement ring center stone. The elongated and narrow shape provide a sophisticated look to any engagement ring. Baguette accent gemstones and diamonds are popular accents to a variety of engagement ring styles.

Radiant-cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Radiant-cut diamonds, which combine the elegant emerald shape with the dazzling brightness of a round, can give an engagement ring the extra oomph you're looking for. Shop Kay Jewelers for radiant-cut engagement rings for a unique engagement ring with extra shine. Pair the radiant cut with yellow gold engagement rings, white gold engagement rings and rose gold engagement rings. She'll be sure to love the intense sparkle of her radiant-cut engagement ring.

Heart Engagement Rings

There's no better way to say "I love you" than a heart-shaped engagement ring . The ultimate symbol of romance, the heart-shaped engagement ring can brighten a room with is brilliant sparkle and adoring style. Although the heart engagement ring seems like a traditional symbol of love, heart engagement rings offer a unique ring style.

Cushion-cut Engagement Rings

Cushion-cut engagement rings emphasize size and are a popular choice for with rounded corners in a rounded-square or rounded-rectangular shape. The cushion shape is perfect for a larger diamond with higher clarity. Cushion-cut engagement rings can be rounded-squares or rounded-rectangular diamonds. Create unique cushion cut engagement rings with our Create Your Own engagement ring feature.

Ring Settings from KAY

There are many different types of ring settings , from classic prong settings to trendy bezel settings. A ring setting is the style of design of how the center stone is placed in the ring. A prong setting is a common design where the center stone of a ring is held together usually by four prongs. This setting is perfect if you want the center stone to really shine. Halo diamond wedding ring settings are also a popular choice, as the halo of diamonds can make your engagement ring seem bigger. A bezel ring setting is a unique ring setting, as this accentuates the surrounding metal. Bezel ring settings are great for your everyday ring setting or as a special wedding ring setting. A ring setting is an important part of buying any ring, whether you are looking for ring settings for diamonds for a wedding ring, or a special gift for her. At Kay, our ring settings come in a wide assortment in styles in some of your favorite metals, including gold ring settings, platinum rings settings, and classic sterling silver ring settings.

Create Your Own Engagement Ring

At Kay, the perfect custom engagement ring is just a few clicks away. Our Create Your Own Engagement Ring page allows you to choose every aspect of your engagement ring to ensure that it is exactly how you desire. To begin, this customizable engagement ring feature has two options - start with popular styles or start from scratch. If you're not sure what your preferred style is or where to begin, starting with popular engagement ring styles is a great way to discover your ideal engagement ring. With our Create Your Own Engagement Ring configurator, you next have the options to customize the perfect diamond, choose a ring head design, a mounting type, engagement ring metal type and even an optional matching wedding band for your customized engagement ring. Whether you're creating the custom engagement ring for yourself or you're going to build your own engagement ring for your special someone, we have everything you need to design the perfect engagement ring that is as beautiful and unique as the person who will be wearing it. Explore more about all the incredible build your own engagement ring options for your ideal engagement ring that will be worn and cherished forever with our Create Your Own Engagement Ring configurator at Kay.

Bridal Sets from KAY

Shop Kay Jewelers for diamond bridal sets for wedding ring sets for women. Bridal sets also known as wedding ring sets, take the guessing out of finding a separate engagement ring and wedding ring that go together. A bridal set is a flawless integration of both an engagement ring and a wedding ring, expertly blended together to create the perfect combination. The engagement ring and the wedding ring are perfectly paired by pattern, precious metal and design. Our wide selection of wedding ring sets is sure to fit every bride's dream selection. Wondering "Should I buy an engagement ring or bridal set?" Well, if you find a bridal set you think she will like, then it is a great option! If you find a unique engagement ring, then you could always wait to buy the wedding bands together.

Yellow Gold Engagement Rings

The yellow gold engagement ring trend is more than a blip on the fashion radar. It's a total revival of this classic shade. Yellow gold engagement rings have a soft shine that makes a lasting impression in both high fashion and traditional styles. From classic to bold, Kay has the best yellow gold engagement ring styles for every look. If you're looking for a traditional engagement ring, then yellow gold engagement rings are perfect for you.

White Gold Engagement Rings

White gold engagement rings are the ultimate go-with-everything metal. And because white gold engagement rings beautifully complement sparkling diamonds, it is no wonder that white gold engagement rings are so popular. From vintage-inspired to modern, a white gold engagement ring is the perfect engagement ring for any bride-to-be.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings and rose gold jewelry are unique. A rose gold engagement ring is especially suited for those looking for a romantic engagement ring with a feminine style. Rose gold engagement rings are hotter than ever from designers like Neil Lane.

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