Round Shaped Diamonds

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Round Diamonds

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What is a Round Diamond?

The most popular stone shape for engagement rings, round diamonds are as versatile as they are timeless. Round diamonds have 58 facets and the brilliant cut maximizes the round diamond's fire sparkle and brilliance (making it the shiniest cut of diamonds!).

Buying a Round Engagement Ring?

If you aren't sure what engagement ring to buy or if your future wife hasn't hinted at her dream ring, a round diamond center stone is a great place to start! A round diamond engagement ring looks breathtaking in almost all engagement ring styles. A round solitaire engagement ring is a classic choice, as the single round stone is the true focal point. Add more glamour with surrounding a round center stone with smaller round diamonds in a halo engagement ring. Just keep in mind the round brilliant-cut is the most difficult shape to cut, making it the most expensive diamond cut (but she's worth it!)

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