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Round Diamonds
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What is a Round Diamond?

There’s no question as to why the round brilliant is the most popular cut in diamond engagement rings. A round-cut is a true classic, designed with the diamond’s internal sparkle in mind. The cut may be the most common, but the effect it creates is nothing short of extraordinary.

A well-cut diamond takes advantage of the diamond’s best characteristics. When searching for a round diamond that really dazzles, pay careful attention to all of the four Cs, but particularly to its cut. 

Buying a Round Engagement Ring?

If you’re looking for an engagement ring with a round diamond, you’re in luck! The options are endless. Round diamonds easily complement halo engagement rings, vintage styles, three-stone rings, and, of course, solitaires.  

Want to learn more about this diamond shape? Read our round-cut diamonds buying guide!

A shimmering round-cut engagement ring from KAY

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