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Princess Cut Diamonds
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What are Princess-Cut Diamonds?

The princess-cut diamond is a brilliant cut, just like the round diamond. Despite its name, this particular cut does not have royal roots. But a princess-cut diamond engagement ring is still a beautiful choice for your own fairytale wedding.

This diamond cut was created in the past century, making it a relatively new diamond cut. However, the princess-cut quickly rose in the ranks, and it’s second only to the round-cut. 

Buying a Princess-cut Engagement Ring?

Aside from the classic solitaire ring, this diamond cut will shine in a three-stone diamond ring. Princess-cut diamonds are perfect for multi-stone centers because when set closely together, they can look like one large diamond. 

Want to learn more about this diamond shape? Read our princess-cut diamonds buying guide!

A beautiful princess cut diamond engagement ring from KAY

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