Oval Diamonds

Oval Diamond Photos from Customers

What are Oval Diamonds?

An oval-shaped diamond offers the classic elegance of a round diamond with an added touch of elegance. Engagement rings with oval-shaped diamonds are a subtle way to show off your unique personality. 

The shape of an oval diamond is most noticeable when looking directly down at it, making it a beautifully understated choice. The shape will vary slightly from ring to ring depending on the length-to-width ratio of the particular stone.

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Buying an Oval-shaped Engagement Ring?

Oval engagement rings are great for those looking for a large center stone, but at an affordable price. An oval engagement ring offers a grand vintage look in a halo setting (explore our Neil Lane Collection if you are looking for a vintage style), or with an oval gemstone center!

Want to learn more about this diamond shape? Read our oval-shaped diamonds buying guide!

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