Engagement Rings at Work: The Right Ring for Your Job

Since an engagement ring is worn every day, it is wise to consider work and hobbies when deciding on a style. Ring style won’t matter for many types of jobs, but it may be important for others. If you’re planning to propose, it’s best to speak to your partner first and see if they want a ring they can wear every day. They may prefer to wear a plain band to work and keep the ring at home. For those who want to wear their engagement ring all the time, here are some things to consider.

Healthcare & Teaching

  • Rounded edges on a gemstone will significantly lessen the likelihood of scratching another person. A round, oval, or cushion-cut diamond would be a good fit.
  • Consider the type of setting as well. A lower-set diamond will be easier to wear under gloves and less exposed to damage. A bezel setting rather than prongs may be a good option, since prongs can get caught easily.

Law Enforcement & Public Servants

  • Those who may be in hazardous or risky situations might choose to wear a more subdued ring out of precaution. A more delicate diamond with excellent cut, clarity, and color is a good option.
  • Halo rings or rings with multi-stone centers are also a great way to get lots of sparkle without a large center stone.

Hands-on Jobs

  • Regardless of their job, your partner’s ring will get a little dirty. But intricate rings with small nooks and crannies will easily gather dirt and build-up that may be hard to clean. Look for simpler designs with smooth surfaces.
  • Again, consider the setting if the ring will have to fit under work gloves. Prongs and higher-set diamonds may scratch gloves or make them difficult to wear.
  • If your partner can’t wear a metal ring to work, find a ring they’ll really love and consider a silicone band as an everyday alternative.