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How to choose the right engagement ring to suit your hand.

Hands come in all shapes and sizes, and while any style will look beautiful, some are especially flattering for certain people. While you’re browsing engagement rings, you may want to consider which styles are best suited to your hand. Here are some ring buying tips for every hand shape and size. 

Long Fingers 

Most engagement rings work nicely for long, thin fingers, but consider these options: 

  • Princess-cut, round, and cushion-cut stones can be especially flattering. 

  • Wider bands tend to complement long fingers. You can also achieve this look by adding an enhancer ring to the engagement ring. 

Slender Fingers 

When choosing an engagement ring for slender fingers, the main consideration is not to overpower them: 

  • Smaller stones or centers can help make thin fingers appear wider. 

  • Bands with a medium thickness can widen the look of your finger, but something too thick may appear bulky. 

Short Fingers 

An engagement ring for short fingers should help elongate your fingers, no matter their width: 

  • Oval, pear, marquise, or emerald-cut stones can have a lengthening effect. But if the stone is too large, it may overpower your finger. 

  • Slender, narrow bands can also create the illusion of length. 

Wide Fingers 

Having wide fingers gives you more room to really make a statement. Consider the following styles: 

  • Consider oval, marquise, pear, or emerald-cut stones in east-west settings. Narrow stones can make wide fingers look even wider. 

  • Cluster styles and round stones in larger settings, like a halo, are flattering to wide fingers. 

  • Angular shapes and asymmetrical designs can minimize the width of the finger. 

Small Hands 

With small hands, it’s best to keep the overall proportion of your ring small. Follow the tips for finger shapes, and keep these in mind as well: 

  • If you have a particularly small ring size, you may need to avoid bands with stones. Resizing too drastically can make stones on the band more likely to fall out. 

  • Small round, princess-cut, cushion-cut, oval, or heart-shaped stones work especially well. 

Large Hands 

Like with wide fingers, large hands means that you have more room to get creative! 

  • Try larger rings with bold designs that suit your personality. 

  • Alternatively, choose a solitaire with a larger diamond and pair it with an enhancer ring. 

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