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What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo ring features a frame of gemstones that surrounds a center stone. Many love this style because of its ability to enlarge the look of the center diamond or gemstone. A high-carat diamond can look even larger, and a smaller stone can look much bigger with a halo. 

There are a few things to consider with this gorgeous design to find the ring that's right for you.

Color: A white diamond paired with more white diamonds is a classic look. But a color diamond or gemstone is an exciting alternative for the center stone. Alternatively, color diamonds or gems make a gorgeous halo for a white diamond center. 

Number of Halos: Choose a ring with one halo for a more subdued look. But for extra drama, two or more halos is the perfect choice. Some designs even have metal frames around the stones in the halo for a distinctive design.

Metal Choice: Like white diamonds, white gold is a popular choice for halo engagement rings. The color of the metal complements the diamonds and can make them appear larger. Depending on your personal taste or the color of your diamonds or gems, yellow or rose gold are gorgeous options. And if you can’t decide, consider a two-tone design!

Center Stone Shape: A halo can add a bold look to a fancy-shaped center stone. Shapes with defined points, like pear and marquise, are softened when wrapped in a halo. 

Create Your Own

If you can’t find the right design or want something extra special, creating your own halo ring is easy. Our online program guides you step by step through the process as you select each element of the ring. Begin with the diamond shape – round, princess, cushion, or oval – and then choose carat weight and quality, setting, metal type, and more. You can even customize your ring with an engraving, and you can add a matching wedding band, too.
Create Your Own Solitaire Engagement Ring

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