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Three-Stone Engagement Rings

Aside from solitaires, three-stone rings are one of the most classic engagement ring styles. The timeless design recently rose in popularity again because of excitement over the royal wedding.

One of the reasons this style remains popular is because of the meaning it holds. The most common association is past, present, and future, while friendship, love, and fidelity is another popular meaning. But it doesn't have to mean either of those things. A three-stone engagement ring can take on a symbolism specific to you and your partner, celebrating your unique love.

Another way to make this style more personal is to choose a nontraditional three-stone ring. Gemstones or fancy diamond shapes are a beautiful way to capture your partner's style with this classic design.

Other Special Meanings

  • You + Me = Us
  • Heart. Soul. Time.
  • Today. Tomorrow. Always.
  • For Life. For Love. Forever.