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Whether you are looking for an engagement ring or your next statement ring, KAY rings come in a wide assortment of rings sure to fit your style and budget. Shop rings online or visit a KAY store for a ring store near you. Not sure where to start? Explore our jewelry education hub to learn about proper ring care, ring sizing, and the latest ring trends.

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Fashion Rings

From statement rings to the ever-popular infinity ring, our wide selection of fashionable rings comes in endless styles perfect for you. Find note-worthy trends such as heart rings and stackable rings. Buy your next fashion ring from KAY for a special gift to yourself. Shop for gold fashion rings, diamond fashion rings, gemstone rings and more in both women and men styles.

KAY Diamond Rings

Diamond rings represent beautiful commitments to one another, whether that be a promise, a life-long commitment or an anniversary celebration of your commitment to one another. Whether you're looking for a diamond engagement ring or a dainty diamond ring for yourself, KAY has the diamond ring for you! Shop for rings in your favorite metals including a variety of golds and sterling silver. Or, go bold with a black diamond ring. Keep in mind KAY also has men's diamond rings for special occasions. Visit our education hub to learn how to care for your diamond rings, diamond shapes the 4Cs of diamonds and more. With an endless selection of diamond rings for women and diamond rings for men, KAY jewelers has your next shiny ring.

Rings for Women

KAY Jewelers rings for her are something she'll never want to take off. Shop online today for gold rings for women, fashion rings, promise rings, anniversary rings, engagement rings and more for the important ladies in your life. Women's rings come in all different shades of gold and sterling silver so you'll be sure to find the right ring for her! Check out our education hub to learn about different ring styles, ring cleaning and how to wear your ring.

Men's Rings

Shop online for men's rings for a great gift for him. KAY offers men's rings in an assortment of styles including wedding bands, class rings for men, gemstone rings, gold rings and more. Shop men's rings in precious metals such as yellow gold and white gold,or explore contemporary metal rings like tungsten and titanium. Not sure what metal to buy, explore our jewelry education hub for a variety of articles on rings for men. Whether it's a wedding ring, a class ring or a simple gold ring for men, KAY has the next ring for your man.

Gemstone Rings

If you're looking for gemstone rings online, Kay.com has the perfect gemstone ring for her. Shop for rings online in wide assortment of popular gemstone rings including sapphire rings, ruby rings, morganite rings , opal rings, emerald rings and aquamarine rings. Many people opt to buying gemstone rings for their birth month like a birthstone ring, but you don't have to limit yourself just to your birthstone. Gemstone rings make great fashion accessories as they come in so many tones. Gemstone rings also makes for a great birthday present like a birthstone ring. Find your perfect shade of gemstone rings and birthstone rings at KAY. Not sure how to care for your gemstone ring? Check out our gemstone cleaning and care hub to learn all about gemstone cleaning!

Gold Rings

Gold rings never go out of style. Buy a ring online today in your favorite shade of gold. Gold rings for women come in a variety of shades and styles including yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. Our selection of yellow gold rings is one for the books. Yellow gold rings are a classic fashion piece for its simple, yet edgy look. Explore yellow gold rings in a variety of styles including yellow gold rings engagement rings, yellow gold bands, and yellow gold diamond rings. If you are looking for a simple gold ring for her, perhaps a white gold ring is more her style. White gold diamond rings are perfect for a special engagement, anniversary or wedding ring. Make sure you're always in-the-know on the latest white gold trends by visiting our jewelry education hub. Learn how to clean your gold ring, what to wear it with and more. No matter how hard you try, it's hard to resist a fashion trend. Rose gold rings are no exception! The feminine look of rose gold rings make them a popular style for any season. Our selection of rose gold rings at KAY will blow you away. Shop rose gold rings for women in a variety of styles including rose gold promise rings, infinity rings and more.

KAY Promise Rings

As the step before an engagement ring, a promise ring symbolizes love and devotion, perfect for couples who are not quite ready for an engagement ring but want to show their commitment to each other. A promise ring doesn't have to just be for a committed couple. Promise rings could also symbolize a promise to yourself or a promise between friends. Whatever the occasion, a promise ring is a beautiful symbol of dedication and devotion. Shop Kay Jewelers for custom promise rings and diamond promise rings. If you are looking for promise rings for men or men's promise rings, then a men's wedding band could be a great choice with equal meanings of promise rings for women.

Claddagh Rings

The Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. A proper Claddagh features two hands holding a heart, topped with a crown. This has become a timeless and meaningful way to express a variety of relationships, from friends to couples. Claddagh rings are commonly used as promise rings. On the flip side, some people use their Claddagh rings to signal that they are single - wearing your ring with the heart facing outward indicates you are available. When you find that right person, remember to turn your ring the other way!

Anniversary Rings from KAY

Shop KAY Jewelers for anniversary rings for her and anniversary rings for him. No matter what anniversary year it is, anniversary rings show your devotion to your special someone year after year. Diamond anniversary rings and anniversary bands are always an appropriate and well-loved gift. These beautiful and elegant diamond rings are not just for anniversaries however; they make perfect wedding bands. If you are still looking for anniversary gift ideas, then maybe exploring anniversary jewelry gifts by year is a solution. Check out our Anniversary Gift Guide to find your anniversary ring.

What is an Eternity Ring?

Eternity bands and eternity rings get their name because they symbolize never-ending love, love that lasts for an eternity. Eternity rings usually mark an important occasion such as an anniversary. KAY eternity rings for women and eternity rings for men come in a variety of beautiful precious metals and diamond sizes. Diamonds are elegantly placed all around diamond eternity rings along the band in perfect symmetry, making these rings an elegant and timeless choice.

Stackable Rings

Women's stackable rings are a must for women's fashion accessories. KAY Jewelers offers wide variety of stackable rings for women. Shop gold stackable rings like yellow stackable rings, white gold stackable rings, rose gold stackable rings, silver stackable rings and more. If you'd like to add some more vibrant colors, explore gemstone stackable rings. Learn how to stack your rings today!

What is a Cocktail Ring?

A cocktail ring is a statement ring that is larger than most rings, as it draws attention, making it more of a fashion accessory. Women's statement rings come in endless possibilities including diamond cocktail rings, gemstone cocktail rings like large opal rings, emerald fashion rings, gold statement rings and more. Gemstone engagement rings are trending fashion accessories for their vibrant colors and stone textures. Make your statement buying a ring online from KAY today.

Class Rings from KAY

Shop KAY Jewelers for class rings for women and class rings for men. Class rings are the perfect commemorative piece to celebrate the graduation and accomplishments from a high school, college or university. Customize women's class rings or class rings for men with personalized jewelry messages to make it your very own. You'll be sure to find your school's class ring colors in our class ring collection. Next, choose options like your favorite metal including yellow gold class rings, white gold class rings, sterling silver class rings and more.

KAY Toe Rings

Add style to your look with our wide selection of toe rings . Toe rings come in all different styles such as simple bands to intricate designs like animal toe rings, nature toe rings, heart toe rings and geometric patterned toe rings. Toe rings also come in a variety of precious metals such as sterling silver and gold. Toe rings are the perfect summer accessory and the best beach jewelry.

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