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Little Finger, Big Look: Pinky Rings are Making a Comeback

Pinky rings are taking over as one of the latest evolutions of the ring stacking trend. You may have even seen them on your favorite celebrities, designers, or influencers. But where did this look come from, and how should you style it?

When you think of pinky rings, you probably think of powerful men or even notorious mobsters. However, the history of this accessory goes back farther than you might think. In the Victorian era, pinky rings were worn on the left hand to show that a person wasn’t interested in marriage. This was primarily a male fashion trend, but some women wore them too.

After that, they went in and out of style but remained a masculine accessory. One of the most recognizable iterations of this trend was the signet ring, which could be engraved with a family crest, monogram, or Greek letters. Pinky rings were associated with organized crime in the early to mid 20th century, and later with rappers and hip hop artists in the 90s.

Today, you can find people of all genders exploring the pinky ring trend. Some women have re-claimed the signet ring with modern versions of the classic look. Bold gemstone rings can be a standalone statement piece, while others incorporate a stack of pinky rings into their overall ring look.

The way you wear a pinky ring is up to you and your individual style. It can be a symbol of a (pinky) promise to yourself or just a fun new way to accessorize. There’s no wrong way to style it, so have fun!

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