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What to Wear Now

The best jewelry styles of the season

Bringing Back Statement Rings

Great fashion classics eventually come back around to be enjoyed again, which is certainly the case of the bold statement ring . A statement piece initially popular in the 1920s and then again in the '40s and '50s, the big fashion ring--also known as a cocktail ring--is hot again.

Dare to be different

Oversized statement rings are perfect for those looking for a fashion accessory with big personality. For ultra-glam appeal, cocktail rings can feature gemstones of any type and design. A classic design in this category is one large gemstone, often surrounded by smaller gemstones, like diamonds, for contrast and sparkle. Flower-shaped rings of metals or gemstones also are popular, as are edgier bold rings featuring animals, skulls or abstract or modern motifs.

How to wear it

Typically, a bold cocktail ring is worn on the right hand either on the ring finger or middle finger. But you'll probably see celebrities and models also wearing them on their index and pinky fingers; or on four or five fingers at once! Whatever feels right to you is the way to go. However, if you're not sure, your best bet is to give this big ring some breathing room to stand alone on your hand--most designs certainly have the oomph for that! Also, consider your outfit when wearing a cocktail ring--if the ring has a complex design, simple, pattern-free clothing often works best as a backdrop.

Not just for parties

Statement rings don't have to just be for the weekend. Large cocktail rings are great fashion accessories for work. Cocktail rings can be great conversation starters in the office or at a meeting. The big ring can make accessorizing an outfit a simple task--just one piece is needed to let your personality and originality come through.

A great gift

A cocktail ring makes a fantastic gift. Particularly, a large statement ring is a lovely present for a friend with a shining personality. It's also a perfect treat to buy for yourself! Cocktail rings are fun to shop for, with as many styles and designs as there are stars in the sky. And, since there are bold fashion rings appropriate for daytime, nighttime, casual events and formal affairs, you can certainly own more than one!

A cocktail ring is an easy and fun way to add a new dimension to your jewelry wardrobe. From unexpected glitter and glam to making an "architectural" statement with a modern design, a statement ring is sure to make a statement.

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