Yellow Gemstones and Yellow Stone Names

Yellow is a joyful color that loves to stand out. It's so vibrant and eye-catching that when Matt Groening was deciding on a color scheme for The Simpsons, he chose yellow. He knew the bright color would get people to pause and check out his show. And if you're wanting people to pause and check out your look, try adding a touch of yellow gemstones.

Yellow stones come in many shades from vivid yellow to soft and subtle yellow. Yellow jewelry stones also come in a variety of styles that can suit all men's and women's styles.

So, if you're wanting to know more about yellow jewelry and the many names they go by, read on.  

What are Yellow Gemstones Called?

Yellow gems have many names depending on the type of gem it is. Like all jewelry, there are several styles and stones to choose from. You'll be amazed at all the yellow options there are. From yellow diamonds to citrine, there's bound to be a yellow for you.

Let's take a look at all the yellow that's sure to make your outfit sweet and mellow.

Loose Yellow Citrine Gemstone


While it's unclear if the citrine gem got its name from the citrus plant, what is clear is they do have colors in common. Citrine is a yellow version of quartz and comes in a range of colors from yellow to orange. A fun fact about citrines is some are amethysts that have had a heat treatment. If you love the 1920's and anything Art Deco, then citrine gems are for you. Yellow gemstones add a vintage flair to your wardrobe. They are also a perfect gift for people with a November birthday or who are celebrating their 13th wedding anniversary.

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Yellow Diamond Loose Stone

Yellow Diamond

Colorless diamonds may come to mind when you think of this sparkling gem, but diamonds come in many colors besides clear. A yellow diamond can be a subtle way to add color to the wardrobe. Yellow diamonds are often soft or light yellow. In certain lighting they can take a gold look, so they're often paired with white gold to help the gems stand out. .

Styling Yellow Gemstones

At KAY, we have many yellow gemstone options to choose from. If necklaces are what you're after, consider yellow gemstone necklaces. Many of these necklaces can have more than one gem, making it easy to mix and match your favorite colors. Or, if you're looking for something custom, you can design your own custom ring with yellow gems. You can have a large yellow diamond in the center with a white diamond border. Or, choose a string of different gem hues to complement the yellow. KAY also has many earrings with yellow gems. If you're wanting a dot of color, you can try studs. Or dangle, if that's your angle. And if you want a truly charming gift, try citrine bracelets with yellow gemstones. They add a perfect punch of color to any outfit.

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