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As you get ready to say, "I Do," wedding bands are an important piece of jewelry in the wedding tradition. At KAY, our wedding bands range from simple gold bands to intricate and detailed enhancer rings. Traditionally, the bride-to-be and the groom get matching wedding rings to display they belong together. Whether you are looking for matching bands or a ring that matches each of your individual styles, KAY Jewelers has the ring that's sure to capture your heart. 


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Things to Know Before You Buy

Before you head to the nearest Kay Jewelers, we recommend doing some wedding ring research. You’ll be wearing your ring for a long time (fingers crossed), so you’ll need to find a band that suits your lifestyle…and style!

When to Buy the Band

With all the stress of wedding planning, try to make wedding ring shopping a carefree experience for you and your loved one. Most couples will start browsing wedding rings around three to four months before their wedding date. If you'd like to choose your rings closer to your big day, keep in mind the extra time needed for ring sizing and any possible engravings. Not sure your size? No prob. Our KAY Jewelry Consultants can get your ring size on the spot.  

Here are a few things to consider when looking for a wedding band:

1. Durability: Finding a metal that can withstand everyday wear is imperative for a long-term piece of jewelry. While most women bands come in gold hues and platinum, there are alternative metals that can hold up to hands-on jobs. KAY offers multiple metals including tungsten, stainless steel and more that are popular wedding band choices for men. Check out our Alternative Metals collection to learn more.

If you’re still worried about wearing your wedding band at your job or doing other activities like working out, consider also getting a silicone band. Silicone bands are great for those with an active lifestyle or if you tend to travel for your job. These affordable rings are hypoallergenic and are relatively inexpensive. You’ll sleep better at night knowing your actual wedding band is in a safe place while wearing a silicone band!

2. Style and Uniqueness: With over 1,600 wedding bands from KAY, you’re sure to find a wedding ring that encompasses your style. We offer a variety of unique styles like sport-themes, religious messaging, vibrant gemstones, and classic simple bands. Check out our wedding band guide