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Tolkowsky Ask the Expert

Tolkowsky expert looking at diamond

In 1919, Tolkowsky invented the Ideal Cut Diamond and became the industry benchmark for cut perfection.

Today, seventh generation diamond expert, Jean-Paul Tolkowsky continues his family's legacy of diamond cutting perfection.


Why is cut the most important thing to look for in a diamond?

Cut is the single most important element in determining the beauty of a diamond and the only factor influenced by man.

What is the difference between a TOLKOWSKY Ideal Cut and a standard cut diamond?

It is called the Ideal Cut because it has the Ideal SYMMETRY & PROPORTIONS that maximize the beauty of the diamond, reflecting more Brilliance, Fire & Sparkle compared to standard round brilliant cuts. In the Ideal Cut Round Brilliant, this symmetry & proportion results in the formation of eight perfect Hearts & Arrows, visible under a viewer. This optical effect that is not visible in standard cut diamonds.

Is it true that it takes twice as long to cut an Ideal Cut Diamond?

Yes. Because of the craftsmanship required to achieve the perfect proportions of the Ideal Cut, we must begin the cutting process with a larger diamond. To achieve the utmost beauty and precision, TOLKOWSKY Ideal Cut diamonds take over twice as long to cut vs. standard cut diamonds, requiring skill and meticulous quality control throughout the cutting process.

Why are certified diamonds so important? Are TOLKOWSKY Diamonds Certified?

All Tolkowsky diamonds have three certificates: a gemological certificate from IGI or GSI certificate as well as a GemEx certificate, indicating its light performance properties. Each diamond also comes with a TOLKOWSKY Certificate of authenticity. All of our diamonds receive a minimum of Very High in all three light performance categories on the GemEx Certification of White light, Colored light and Scintillation. We only utilize conflict-free diamonds in its creations. These elements are crucial to our clients seeking trust in the level of quality they are receiving.

Your family name is connected to some of the world's largest diamonds. Can you tell us how you got started?

My family has been in the diamond business for over seven generations. I can confidently say that Tolkowsky is the most famous name in diamond cutting starting with the invention of the Ideal Cut diamond in 1919. My father Gabi and I have had the distinction of cutting two of the world's largest diamonds. The Centenary Diamond - the world's largest D color flawless diamond and the Jubilee Diamond - the largest faceted diamond in the world.

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