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Celebrating a sixteenth birthday?

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Consider these ideas when searching for the perfect gift.

1. Focus on fun - Keep her personality in mind while shopping. Something fun like a unique bracelet or quirky earrings might be up her alley.

2. Princess pride - If your favorite teenager is still your little princess, consider something in the shape of a heart or crown .

3. Special meaning - For teens who dream big or put their faith first, choosing an aspirational or religious pendant is sure to please. You could also choose a personalized style just for her.

4. Birthstone buys - Birthstone jewelry , like a ring or earrings, is a stylish option that?s just as timeless as it is personal.

5. Say it with "16" -She's excited to turn 16! So, say it loud and proud with a "Sweet 16" charm .

6. Stick to simple - If nothing catches your eye while shopping, stick to something simple. Stud earrings or sleek pendants are versatile and well received.

No matter what, don't forget who you're shopping for. If you keep her unique personality in mind, her sixteenth birthday will be extra sweet.

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Sweet Sixteen Jewelry Gifts

It's hard to believe she is already 16. With all that comes with the teenage years, many parents ask themselves, "How do you celebrate a Sweet 16?" As she continues to grow so will her fashion sense. Jewelry is one of the best gift ideas for sweet 16.

Add to her jewelry collection with sweet sixteen jewelry that fits her teenage style. Shop online at KAY for a special sweet 16 necklace or explore our assortment of sweet sixteen rings she will adore! KAY offers sweet 16 rings, necklaces, earrings and more in a variety of golds and affordable sterling silver jewelry. Our online sweet 16 jewelry gift guide has everything for your girl's 16th birthday too. Find gold rings for her 16th birthday, a stunning sweet sixteen necklace and other sweet 16 gift ideas. Promise rings, pearl jewelry, gold charms and diamond cross necklaces are classic sweet sixteen jewelry gifts. Add a little more color to her birthday with birthstone jewelry. Visit our gemstone collection page to find her birthstone. No matter what this year may bring, KAY Jewelers is your one-stop shop for the best gifts for girl 16th birthday presents.View Less

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