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Pink Gemstones and Pink Stone Names

Pink is perfect for pretty jewelry designs. The color pink can be demure, fresh, light or even moody. Pink gemstones and pink stones look beautiful set in any metal or in any style. 

Paired with white gold or platinum, pink can be striking and sophisticated. With yellow gold, pink can be a nice contrast. For a nearly perfect pairing, consider rose gold with pink gems.

What Gemstone is Pink?

You may be surprised to learn there are many types of gemstones that are pink. The ever-classic diamond actually comes in pink. You can also find pearls in various shades of pink, as well. From garnet to the pink sapphire or ruby, the options are endless if you are looking for something pink! Let’s explore the pink stone names.

Loose pink diamond gemstone

Pink Diamonds

Natural pink diamonds are rare and just as beautiful as you would imagine. Pink diamonds can vary from a light clear pink to darker pinks with secondary tones. Most natural pink diamonds are found in Western Australia or in mines in Africa, Brazil and India.

Loose pink pearl

Pink Pearls

The beautiful pearl is also stunning in shades of pink. Pearls come in all colors and pink pearls look especially fresh.

Loose pink sapphire

Pink Sapphires or Ruby

You may think of the ruby as being vibrant red, but some rubies have a lighter side. Did you know pink rubies are also called pink sapphires?

Both gemstones are a variety of corundum in the sapphire family. Pink sapphire jewelry is not only affordable but striking, too. The hot pink color stands out in all sorts of jewelry designs.

Loose pink rhodolite stone

Pink Garnet or Rhodolite

A pink garnet is affordable. It is easy to find a gemstone with a beautiful shade of pink. Pink garnets are often also called rhodolite and pyrope garnets.

The color of the stone depends on the mix of different elements. Pink garnet jewelry is often mixed with several garnets that have various shades of pink stones.

Loose light pink gemstone, referred to as morganite


The morganite has a clarity that rivals the diamond. This gemstone is rising in popularity. The morganite comes in various shades of pink, ranging from pale pink to a darker rose color. The morganite is also a beautiful choice for an engagement ring.

Loose pink quartz gemstone

Rose Quartz

The rose quartz is a pink color that might look a bit opaque. The rose quartz is also called the “heart stone” and makes a great Valentine’s Day surprise. You’ll find the rose quartz in various colors and the stone will be translucent.

Loose pink tourmaline stone

Pink Tourmaline

The pink tourmaline is typically a darker shade of pink. It may even almost look red at times. If a pink tourmaline is called rubellite, this means it will not change colors in lighting.

If it does have the term rubellite, the gemstone will feature different colors depending on the lighting. It may even have a chocolate undertone in certain light. Pink tourmaline jewelry often boasts lighter shades of pink.

Loose pink opal

Pink Opal

The opal is a beautiful translucent gemstone that can be white or clear in color. Often, you can find pink lab-created opals. These precious pink stones are beautiful and unique. The pink color changes in different lighting.

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