Jewelry to Accessorize a Strapless Dress

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A strapless dress is a timeless and feminine design that pairs perfectly with jewelry. An open neck, shoulders, and arms allows you to display your favorite pieces of jewelry with show-stopping flair.

Here are some quick tips for accessorizing your strapless dress.






Ok, not a piece of jewelry, but an important thing to determine before you select your jewelry. Generally, if your hair is short or you wear your hair up, a bold necklace or earrings would be the right piece to choose. For those who wear their hair down, your jewelry will be less noticeable on the neck and ears, so consider making a ring or bracelet your focal point.

An occasion that warrants a gorgeous strapless dress deserves some spectacular jewelry. No matter the style that suits you, following some basic guidelines for choosing the piece will help you make the right investment.