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Lifetime Protection Plan

Added protection for the jewelry you love.

Terms & Conditions

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Ultimate Protection for a Lifetime

Precious, sentimental and valuable - from life-changing moments to cherished family traditions, jewelry is uniquely personal. But daily wear and tear and contact with lotions or cleaning products can loosen diamonds and gemstones, bend prongs and wear down mountings. It happens over time and often without visible warning.

The Lifetime Protection Plan makes it easy to keep the metal of your jewelry beautiful, clean, strong, and worry-free. This one-time purchase provides a lifetime of protection+, as well as precious peace of mind.

+Excludes repair and replacement of diamonds and gemstones. Other limitations apply. See Terms & Conditions.

What's Included1

Ring Sizing (up or down two sizes)
Prong and Stone Tightening
Stone Resetting
Repair to Damaged Mountings
Refinish and Polish
Prong Re-tipping
Rhodium Finish
Repair to Earring Back and Post
Repair to Chain, Hinge, and Clasp
Cultured Pearl Restringing
One-Time Purchase And Engraving Discount on Future Purchase2

1Excludes repair and replacement of diamonds and gemstones.

1,2Other limitations apply, see Terms & Conditions for details.

Plan Comparison Chart

At Kay, we provide a complimentary Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee3 to protect your stones. We recommend adding the optional Lifetime Protection Plan to cover repairs and/or maintenance on the metal of your jewelry to enjoy true worry-free wear.


The price of your Lifetime Protection Plan depends on the initial cost of your jewelry.

Consider the Savings

Over the lifetime of your jewelry, costs for refurbishing, repairing, resizing and other services can add up. Just the wear and tear of everyday life can reduce the shine and cause damage to your jewelry. With the Lifetime Protection Plan, our jewelers repair and protect your jewelry, keeping it shining like new every day.

Service Needed Typical Cost5 With This Plan+
Ring Sizing4 $58 - $215+ INCLUDED
Prong/Stone Tightening $36 - $54+ INCLUDED
Stone Resetting $38 - $84+ INCLUDED
Repair Damaged Setting $250 - $460+ INCLUDED
Refinish and Polish $44+ INCLUDED
Earring Back and Post Repair $74 - $310+ INCLUDED
Clasp Repair $44 - $85+ INCLUDED
Re-Tip Prongs $45 - $65+ INCLUDED
Chain Repair $44 - $64+ INCLUDED
Rhodium Finish $46+ INCLUDED

+Excludes repair and replacement of diamonds and gemstones. Other limitations apply. See Terms & Conditions.

4Allow ring sizing up or down two sizes

5Costs may vary depending on specific service, size and material type.

Add a Plan to Your Recent Purchase

If you would like to protect your recent purchase with the Lifetime Protection Plan, please contact your local store. You can also contact a Virtual Jewelry Consultant for assistance.

How to Use Your Plan

Simply bring your jewelry and sales slip to any KAY store. Just walk in.

This Plan Does Not Include*

  • Watches or any diamond or gemstone in the jewelry
  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Damage covered under other warranties or insurance; caused by improper maintenance, misuse or abuse; or insignificant cosmetic damage
  • Loss from theft, mysterious disappearance, or acts of God
  • Ring sizing more than two sizes up or down
  • Unauthorized repairs or alterations

*Other limitations apply. See Terms & Conditions for specific details.

Consent to Electronic Communications


This information establishes your consent to communicate with us electronically. Please read this information carefully and retain a copy for your records. The words we, us, and our mean Sterling Jewelers Inc. d/b/a Kay Jewelers and Signet Service Plans Inc. The word you means the individual purchasing the OPTIONAL LIFETIME PROTECTION PLAN. The word Disclosures means the communications set forth in the Scope of Consent paragraph below.

Consent to Receipt of Electronic Disclosures

By indicating your agreement, you indicate that you are able to receive our Disclosures electronically and that you consent to receiving them electronically. Such Disclosures shall be considered to be in writing and in a form you can keep for the purposes of state and federal law. Furthermore, any method that you use to indicate your assent during the purchase process shall be consider an electronic signature.

Your consent applies to the receipt of all legal and/or regulatory disclosures associated with purchasing the OPTIONAL LIFETIME PROTECTION PLAN with us, along with the Terms and Conditions of our Lifetime Protection Plan.

To access, view, and retain Disclosures that we provide you, you must have:

  • A connection to the Internet.
  • A current version of an Internet browser which supports HTML and SSL encryption.
  • Your browser settings must have cookies and java script enabled.
  • A means to print or store notices and information through your browser software.
  • The hardware and software necessary to operate the items above.

Upon request, we will provide you with paper copies of the Disclosures. You may make such a request by calling us at 1-800-527-8029. There is no charge for paper copies.

You may withdraw your consent by discontinuing the online purchase process at any time before you checkout. However, if your consent is withdrawn, you cannot purchase the OPTIONAL plan online. You may also purchase in person at any Kay Jewelers store.

If any contact information you provide us changes, please call us at 1-800-527-8029 so that we may update our records.

Your consent is being provided in connection with a transaction affecting interstate commerce and is subject to the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act. The Act shall apply to the fullest extent possible in order to validate our ability to conduct business with you electronically.

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