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Pearl hoop earrings

Cultured Pearls


Now’s the time to set aside your traditional strings of pearls and embrace more modern and updated pearl styles, from hoop earrings featuring a pearl, to bold statement pieces that mix pearls with diamonds or gems, to pearls in unique design settings. Pearls have been trending for a while but continue to be reinvented. And they’re not only a staple for women – celebrity men have been seen rocking the look as well!

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Stainless steel chain



Chains are a staple you’ll want in your collection this spring. With video calls still prominent in our day-to-day lives, thicker chains are all the rage. Men are typically known to wear thick chains but now women will be joining in on this fun, bold look that can be admired from near and far.


Stackable fashion rings in different gold colors

Stacking Rings


Stacking rings can be a great way to freshen up your look this season. There are endless possibilities when stacking! Try combining midi rings, stacking diamond and gemstone styles together or mixing different shades of gold for a funky, on-trend look. Trendsetters of both genders are also layering necklaces and bracelets this season to express their unique style.

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Yellow gold dangle earrings

Dangle Earrings


The era of working virtually has also ushered in bold statement earrings as a hot new trend. Dangle earrings are the perfect way to stand out whether you’re on a Zoom call or enjoying some fresh air at the park.

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Sterling silver charms at KAY



There’s no time like spring to add color and personality to your outfit! Try accessorizing with cute and charming charms that speak to your passions and experiences, whether you wear them on a bracelet or a necklace.

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Spring Jewelry Trends at KAY

Fresh spring. Fresh looks. These blooming trends are the best way to welcome the season. Emerge from the thaw ready to wow with sparkling diamonds, gold, sterling silver, vibrant gemstones and more—reimagined in ways sure to heat up the season. Starting spring with an engagement announcement? Save the date with KAY—and shop engagement jewelry, wedding party jewelry, and wedding day gifts to make your best moments of the season last.

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