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Diamond Gemscope Technology

Because every stone is unique

Diamond Testing

What's the most valuable merchandise in our stores? More than any diamond solitaire ring, any red-carpet-worthy gemstone necklace, any diamond bracelet — it's the treasured jewelry you bring to us for repairs. That's why we use our innovative and proprietary Gemscope Technology to assess your jewelry and keep it secure. At KAY, we take diamond integrity and your satisfaction seriously.

Why We Test Your Jewelry

It's all about trust. We want to give you every reassurance that the item you bring to us is the same jewelry we return back to you — authentic and secure. Our testing helps you to see how KAY experts cared for your jewelry and addressed issues thoroughly and professionally.

Repairs Guaranteed

Everybody loves a makeover! We work to return your jewelry in excellent condition, and we stand behind our work — that's why all repairs come with a 6 month guarantee.

The Diamond Gemscope Process

As we assess your jewelry for repair, we take diamond integrity very seriously. Our Diamond Gemscope lets us carefully examine and authenticate your jewelry to determine what repairs are necessary to restore its beauty.

We first confirm the authenticity of your diamonds and color gemstones. We then capture digital images of jewelry, plot the unique characteristics of each piece, and email you those images to ensure we are performing the repairs you requested.

When repairs are completed, we offer a side-by-side view: your repaired item alongside the original images we captured.

In fact, any diamond you bring to KAY will be expertly tested at least three times:

  1. When you first bring it to us
  2. When it's received from the Design & Service Center
  3. At the completion of the repair.

Always Here For You

By booking an appointment at KAY, you can have a personalized consultation with no obligation to make a purchase. Is your jewelry in need of repair? Are you ready to buy an engagement ring, but not sure where to start? Our Jewelry Experts are always here for you.

Still have questions? Find your nearest KAY location and speak with one of our Jewelry Experts directly, or schedule an appointment over the phone.

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