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Diamond Gemscope

The most valuable merchandise we have in our stores is our customer's jewelry repair. Every piece of jewelry is more than the sum of its precious gemstones and metal. It represents the story of love and joy that is unique to that customer. With the help of our Diamond Gemscope, we are able to carefully examine our customer's merchandise, identify the unique characteristics that make their piece unique, and determine what repairs are necessary to restore its beauty.

We can also confirm the authenticity of the diamonds and color gemstones in each piece. With this system, we can capture digital images of jewelry using our in-store tablets. We can then annotate and plot the unique characteristics of each piece and email those images to our customers to ensure we are performing the repairs they have requested. When the repair has been completed, we provide the customer with a side-by-side view of the item with our Diamond Gemscope to ensure their satisfaction. All jewelry repair work comes with a six-month guarantee on the workmanship.

Diamond Testing

There's one consistent thing we do in all three of the processes involved in repairing your jewelry, and that's diamond testing. We take this very seriously, and diamond test when you first bring it to us, when it's received from the Design & Service Center and again at the completion of the repair. You can have piece of mind knowing our experts are as thorough as possible! When we diamond test your jewelry, we take extra precautions by making sure the stone and our hands are clean and dry, and by making sure the tip of the actual tester is perpendicular to the table of the stone for accuracy and that it's not touching metal or other parts of the ring. We also make sure the probe remains in contact with the stone for at least two full seconds after initial indication of the material type so that all the tests can complete. These are just a few of the extra steps we take when diamond testing to ensure your diamond is authentic and is everything you've dreamed of!
A diamond being tested for authenticity by a diamond testing device

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