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A stack of well-matched rings not only makes a statement, but it’s a unique way to show off your style. There’s no wrong way to stack rings, so don’t be afraid to experiment! 

Ring Stacking Basics

Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve a tasteful, eye-catching look. 

  1. Mix contrasting colors for a dramatic look, or stick to similar shades for something subtler. 

  1. Don’t shy away from blending yellow, white, and rose gold. 

  1. If you stack multiple gemstone rings, stagger the stones so they lay better. 

  1. Combine bands that vary in width, and experiment with textures, too! 

  1. Do you like classic and modern styles? Try wearing both! 

  1. Depending on the look you want, stacking rings on every finger might be overkill. Consider wearing large stacks on fewer fingers, or wearing one or two small bands on more fingers.

Stack Rings You Already Own

This trend is a fabulous way to wear things from the back of your jewelry box. While you may want to purchase some new rings to stack, your current collection is a great place to start. Experimenting with your own rings can also give you an idea of which styles you want to buy next. 


You should always consider your lifestyle and workplace when choosing jewelry, so stacking rings is no different. Think about your daily activities and whether wearing multiple rings will be comfortable for you. 

While these tips are good to keep in mind, the most important thing is to have fun and use your imagination!

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