Jewelry for your Anniversary

How to Ask for Jewelry for Your Anniversary

Some people are more romantic than others when it comes to gift giving. If you want a specific piece of jewelry for your anniversary, make sure your partner knows. Here are some pointers for dropping subtle - or not-so-subtle - hints so he knows what to get you.

If You Want to Fly Under the Radar:

Subtle hints aren't always the most effective, but they're a good place to start. Try mentioning some jewelry you really want. That will give your partner a starting point when he begins shopping for gifts.

If You Want to Be a Little More Obvious:

Social media is one of the best tools to give him anniversary gift ideas. Try sending your significant other an Instagram or Facebook post featuring some jewelry you like. You can also use Pinterest to create a gift idea board and send him a link to that.

If You Want to Be Straight Up:

Some people prefer that you tell them exactly what you want. If that's the case, send him direct links to the gift you're eyeing. You can also make a day of it and go shopping together, creating a special memory.


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