Onyx Gemstone

Onyx Gemstone

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Onyx Jewelry

Onyx jewelry is striking in appearance and surprisingly affordable. Onyx jewelry most commonly features black onyx stones, though other colors of onyx do exist. Black onyx is particularly dramatic when set in sterling silver or white gold. We love onyx for its striking appearance and its mystical properties. Legend has it that onyx sharpens the wits of the wearer, eliminates negative thinking, and brings spiritual inspiration. Get inspired on your own by browsing our collection of onyx jewelry.

COLOR: Onyx is solid black, uniform, and consistent in color.

DURABILITY: Onyx has good toughness, but can be chipped or scratched if struck. Best suited for earrings, pendants, and protective ring settings.

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Onyx Jewelry Care

Is Onyx Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?

Onyx jewelry is a popular choice for those who love its dark color. It is relatively durable and easy to care for. As with all gemstones, remove your onyx jewelry before using household cleaning solutions that may contain harsh chemicals.

How to Clean Onyx Jewelry

In general, you should use mild dish soap and a soft-bristled brush to clean your onyx jewelry. Dry with a soft cloth. Do not use jewelry cleaning chemicals, steam cleaning or ultrasonic cleaners.

How to Store Onyx Jewelry

Store your onyx jewelry away from harder stones like diamonds to avoid scratches. Keep your onyx jewelry in a dry area and wrap it in a soft cloth.

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