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Garnet Jewelry | January Birthstone

Garnet Gemstone

Garnet Jewelry

From ruby red to smoky brown, the garnet birthstone sparkles with color. Garnet gets its name from the pomegranate, as it bears a striking resemblance to its seeds. The garnet birthstone is also January's birthstone and a beloved jewelry choice. Whether you're looking for garnet jewelry for yourself or for someone celebrating a January birthday, you'll love Kay's collection of beautiful garnet rings and other jewelry pieces.

Color: Deep red. While garnet comes in a wide variety of colors that range from red to orange-brown to green to purple, red is the most common.

Durability: Fair to good toughness. Good for everyday wear.

Garnet Jewelry Care

Is Garnet Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?
There are many varieties of garnet , which will result in variations in the toughness of the gemstone. Generally, garnets rank fair to good in toughness, meaning they can be worn in all types of jewelry, but you should exhibit caution. Rough wear can cause scratching and damage. As with all gemstones, remove your garnet jewelry before using household cleaning solutions that may contain harsh chemicals.

How to Clean Garnet Jewelry
Clean romantic garnet jewelry with mild soap and warm water. After removing all soap, you can wipe the garnet jewelry with a cloth and let it air dry.

Other Ways to Clean Garnet Jewelry
It's usually safe to use an ultrasonic cleaner on garnet jewelry. Speak to a KAY associate. Remember, you can always take advantage of KAY's free jewelry cleaning services.

How to Store Garnet Jewelry
Store garnet jewelry away from other jewelry to avoid scratching or wrap in a soft cloth.

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