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November Birthstone | Citrine Jewelry

Citrine jewelry makes for a wonderful November birthday gift.

What is the November Birthstone?

Each month corresponds to a particular gemstone. The birthstone for November birthdays is the beautiful citrine. Named after the French word for lemon “citron”, this gem comes in citrus-y hues. It ranges from pale yellow to rich orange. But the November birthstone dazzles in many different types of citrine jewelry. From a November birthstone necklace to citrine earrings and rings, there’s a little something for every November baby.

All About the Citrine Gemstone

Because of its sunny hue, citrine pairs especially well with warm yellow gold. It pairs perfectly with the main holiday in November: Thanksgiving. It’s a variety of mineral quartz and the color depends on where the stone came from originally.

COLOR: Citrine has a yellow hue that can range from light yellow to golden to brownish-red.

DURABILITY: Citrine has fair to good toughness. It is good for everyday wear with some care.

History of the November Birthstone

Much of the world’s natural citrine comes from Southern Brazil. But it can also be fount in Spain, South Africa and France. Due to its relative rarity, natural citrine can be quite expensive. But many jewelers opt for a heat-treated amethyst to offer a more affordable option. As for the birthstone for November throughout history, many ancient peoples coveted the stone. In fact, ancient Romans used the stone in all kinds of citrine jewelry styles. It also appeared during the 19th century and Victorian era in jewelry and art pieces. The Art Deco period brought its highest popularity, however, thanks to the many Hollywood stars who favored the stone.

What do People Associate with Citrine?

Over the centuries, many associated the deep yellow citrine with power and authority. It is said to embody the sun and bring energy to the physical body. Some also believe that the November birthstone generates positivity and helps with mindfulness and creativity. Some also call citrine the “success stone”, as well as the “merchant’s stone”. It is said to bring prosperity to those in business as sort of a “good luck” gemstone. Perhaps a November birthstone ring is just the gift your new graduate needs!

Citrine Jewelry Care

Every gemstone has a rating on the Mohs hardness scale. This scale determines how robust and resistant to heat and impact a stone is. For the birthstone for November, it rates as a seven on the scale. That means it has a good toughness level, making it suitable for all types of jewelry.

Is Citrine Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?

While citrine has good toughness, all quartz family gemstones require extra care to prevent scratching. Sharp or extreme temperature changes can harm your citrine jewelry. It's best to remove citrine jewelry before cleaning or using harsh solutions, as certain household chemicals can also cause damage.

How to Clean Citrine Jewelry

Like most gemstones, you can gently clean your citrine jewelry with mild soap and warm water using a soft cloth. Make sure to remove all soapy residue and pat dry before letting your jewelry air dry. Do not use steam cleaners.

Other Ways to Clean Citrine Jewelry

It may be safe to use an ultrasonic cleaner on citrine jewelry but speak to a KAY associate first. Remember: you can always take advantage of KAY's free jewelry cleaning services.

How to Store Citrine Jewelry

It's best to store your citrine jewelry separately from harder gemstones like sapphires and diamonds to avoid any scratching. You can also wrap your citrine jewelry in a soft cloth if you need to store your jewelry in the same jewelry box.

Shop for Citrine Jewelry

Find the perfect gift for the people with November birthdays in your life today. KAY carries all kinds of November birthstone jewelry to suit every style and budget. Browse our selection online or stop by in-store for expert guidance.

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