Finding the Right Bridesmaid Jewelry

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Bridesmaid jewelry is a great way to create a theme among members of the bridal party. If you're in charge of purchasing jewelry for the wedding party, these tips can help you make the right choice.

1.  First, ask the bride if she has any ideas about what type of jewelry the bridal party should wear. She may want to aim for a more traditional look, or she may be more open to each bridesmaid enjoying their individual preferences.

2.  Consider what type of jewelry would fit the wedding's theme. Traditional styles, such as cultured pearl pendants, may be better for a formal event. For casual or modern weddings, layered necklaces or geometric shapes may be best. Most importantly, be sure that the jewelry you choose can be worn long after the wedding is done.

3.  If you decide to get different types of jewelry for each bridesmaid, ask them about their preferences first. It's a great way to make sure everyone has a piece they'll love.

4.  When finalizing your selection, try to stick with the same metal color and finish so that the different styles still have a cohesive feel. If you've chosen gemstone jewelry, choose colors that coordinate with one another and the bridesmaid dresses. If you're having trouble, your KAY Jewelry Consultant is there to help.