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Explore Diamond Shapes

There are many gorgeous options when it comes to diamond shapes for rings, but what are they? Below is a quick reference guide so you can get to know the most popular gem shapes.

The Difference Between Cut and Shape

People often confuse diamond shapes with cut when it comes to gems. So, let's take a quick moment to review. The shape refers to the overall look of the diamond. Is it round, square, or shaped like a pear? The cut refers to all the different angles and facets diamond makers use to reflect light. How a diamond is cut can really define the shine and sparkle!

The Shape of Beauty

Here are the basic shapes.


  • The most popular cut in diamond engagement rings.
  • The round brilliant cut emphasizes the diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance.
  • Pick this shape if you're into the classic look with a brilliant shine.


  • Similar to round, this is also a brilliant cut, but with a square shape.
  • Princess-cut gems were developed in the 1970s, making it a relatively new shape.
  • If you're into modern styles that sparkle, this shape could be for you.


  • This gemstone has a rounded square shape, similar to a pillow.
  • It is one of the oldest gemstone shapes and cutting styles.
  • This shape is the go-to for celebrities. So if you're into celebrity high-fashion styles, this shape may be for you.


  • This diamond is a rectangular octagon with a smooth top, sometimes called a table, surrounded by step-like facets.
  • The facets make it difficult to conceal imperfections, so Clarity is key with this cut.
  • Like most gemstone shapes, a halo of diamonds can make this special gem even more magical.


  • This diamond shape is also known by the French name navette, which means “little boat".
  • The marquise shape allows this diamond to look larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight.


  • Oval diamond shapes often have a brilliant cut.
  • This shape is a lovely choice for someone who wants a classic look with a twist.


  • This shape has a distinctive style that looks like a teardrop.
  • It may hold more color than other shapes, so pay careful attention to Color when looking for a pear-shaped diamond.

Which Diamond Shapes are Best?

Now that we've gone over the different diamond shapes for rings, you might be wondering what's best for you. Choosing your gem shape is totally and completely a style choice. There is no one shape that's better than the others. It's all about what makes you feel that special spark. The shape that feels right to you is the perfect shape!

Shop by Stone Shape

A sketch drawing of an oval diamond with the word "oval" under it.

A sketch drawing of an emerald diamond with the word "emerald" under it.

A sketch drawing of a cushion diamond with the word "cushion" under it.

A sketch drawing of a round diamond with the word "round" under it.

A sketch drawing of a square diamond with the word

A sketch drawing of a pear diamond with the word "pear" under it.

Find the Perfect Diamond Shape

At KAY, we have many different diamond shapes to choose from. Whether you want something classic or something modern, we're here to help. Browse our gorgeous diamond selection online or stop by in-store to find the ideal stone shape for the ring of your dreams.

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