Jewelry Basics

There are many gorgeous options when it comes to diamond shape, but what are they? Below is a quick reference guide so you can get to know the most popular diamond shapes.  


  • The most popular cut in diamond engagement rings 
  • The round brilliant cut emphasizes the diamond’s fire, sparkle, and brilliance 


  • Similar to round, this is also a brilliant cut, but with a square shape 
  • Princess-cut diamonds were developed in the 1970s, making it a relatively new shape 


  • This diamond has a rounded square shape, similar to a pillow 
  • It is one of the oldest diamond shapes and cutting styles 


  • This diamond is a rectangular octagon with a smooth top, or table, surrounded by step-like facets 
  • The facets make it difficult to conceal imperfections, so Clarity is key with this cut 


  • This diamond shape is also known by the French name navette, which means “little boat” 
  • The marquise shape allows this diamond to look larger than a round diamond of the same carat weight 


  • The oval diamond often has a brilliant cut 
  • This diamond is a lovely choice for someone who wants a classic shape with a twist 


  • This diamond has a distinctive shape that looks like a teardrop  
  • It may hold more color than other shapes, so pay careful attention to Color when looking for a pear-shaped diamond 

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