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Diamond Jewelry: APril Birthstone

Diamond jewelry, such as diamond rings and diamond earrings, is a classic favorite. This elegant accessory goes perfect with everything and pairs beautifully with any precious metal including white gold, rose gold and gold. Diamond rings, diamond earrings and other diamond jewelry have been staple additions to any elegant and sophisticated outfit for many, many years. Go subtle with dainty diamond solitaire earrings, or gold bold with big diamond rings or beautiful diamond drop earrings.

Color: Colorless, yellow, brown, or gray. Can also be treated to create a variety of colors.

Durability: Very durable. Good for everyday wear. Although the hardest of gemstones, diamonds can still be chipped if struck sharply.

Diamond Jewelry Care

Is Diamond Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?
There's a reason diamonds are the favorite stone for engagement rings. Because diamonds are the hardest of the gemstones and resistant to the type of heat, light, and chemical exposure typical in daily life, diamond jewelry is perfect for everyday wear. However, it is important to be cautious about the prongs and settings of your diamond jewelry. Harsh chemicals might not harm your diamond, but can cause damage to the metal around the stone. To protect your diamond jewelry investment, make sure you are adhering to a regular checkup schedule at your local KAY.

How to Clean Diamond Jewelry
For regular cleaning, simply wiping down diamond jewelry with a polishing cloth. Diamonds are prone to picking up grease, muting their brilliance. A little soak in KAY's fine jewelry cleaner is an effective regular cleaning method. A soft bristled brush can be used to gently remove dirt, especially around the setting.

Other Ways to Clean Diamond Jewelry
Ultrasonic and steam cleaners won't harm a diamond, but using them can loosen the diamond's setting, increasing the chances you will lose your precious gemstones. Speak to a KAY associate if you are unsure and take advantage of KAY's free jewelry cleaning services.

How to Store Diamond Jewelry
Because of the hardness and durability of diamonds, it's recommended to store your diamond jewelry separately from other jewelry to avoid scratching softer gemstones. You can also wrap diamond jewelry in a soft cloth to prevent any potential damage.

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