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Diamond Rings for women and Diamond Rings for men:Diamond rings mean so much. They represent beautiful commitments to one another, whether that be a promise, a life-long commitment or an anniversary celebration of your commitment to one another. At KAY, our selection of stunning and radiant diamond rings is your one-stop-shop to all the important diamond rings in your life.
Whether you're looking for a diamond promise ring, a diamond engagement ring, a diamond wedding band or a diamond anniversary ring, let KAY be your guide in celebrating these important milestones in your life. Perhaps you are just a fan of diamond rings and would like a diamond fashion ring. Shop diamond rings with rose gold or shop trending black diamond rings to add to your fashion accessories. There are so many diamond cuts, from the original round diamond to sleek marquise diamonds. With the endless amounts of cuts, colors and ring settings, KAY Jewelers has the diamond ring you've been looking for. Black Diamond Rings for women and Black Diamond Rings for Men:Black diamond jewelry, such as black diamond rings and black diamond engagement rings, are radiant, unique and growing in popularity. The black diamond is known to symbolize action, passion and energy. It is believed that black diamond rings enhance relationships, increases inner strength and provides balance and clarity. Black diamonds rings look incredible with any precious metal including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and sterling silver. Shop KAY Jewelers for black diamond engagement rings, black diamond bridal sets, black diamond fashion rings and black diamond statement rings. You'll also find black diamond rings for men at KAY Jewelers as well! Explore our stunning black diamond wedding rings for men. Black Diamond Engagement Rings: Black diamond jewelry, such as black diamond rings and black diamond engagement rings, are radiant, unique and growing in popularity. The black diamond is known to symbolize action, passion and energy. It is believed that a black diamond engagement ring enhances relationships, increases inner strength and provides balance and clarity. Black diamond engagement rings are perfect for any woman who is looking for a unique engagement ring. Black diamonds also sparkle as side stones on any engagement ring. Diamond Necklaces: A diamond necklace is always the perfect, classic accessory - it goes with everything! Whether you're looking for a dainty, everyday necklace or a bold, extravagant diamond necklace, we have it all at KAY. Our beautiful collection of diamond necklaces includes gorgeous styles such as diamond pendant necklaces, diamond heart necklaces , diamond cross necklaces , and diamond fashion necklaces. Diamond Bracelets:Let your wrist sparkle with a beautiful diamond bracelet from KAY. Diamond bracelets, like a gorgeous diamond tennis bracelet , are always an elegant choice to accompany any look, day or night. Whether you want a single diamond bracelet to add that subtle, perfect touch, or you want to make a statement by stacking multiple together, our radiant diamond bracelets are everything you're looking for. Find diamond bracelets in a variety of styles, from classic looks to modern, chic designs. Diamond Earrings: Diamond earrings are a classic choice that never go out of style. This elegant accessory is the perfect addition to any outfit or look. At KAY, find eye-catching diamond earrings in a variety of styles and designs such as diamond stud earrings , diamond hoop earrings , solitaire earrings and more. Looking for a specific design? Shop beautiful collections that feature exquisite diamond earrings such as Le Vian . What is diamond color? Color refers to the body color of the diamond. Fancy color diamonds aside, the most beautiful color for a diamond is no color at all. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) has created a scale to measure diamond color, ranging from D (colorless) to Z (yellow). Fancy color diamonds are graded Z and higher. Most KAY diamonds are graded "near colorless" - between G and J on the color scale. At a J grade and beyond, the human eye can start to detect a yellow tint. D-color diamonds are very rare - and they cost a pretty penny. Moving down the color scale toward H or I let you buy a diamond that still appears white, but is more common and thus, more affordable. One thing to note: Color diamonds have become more valuable as they've become more fashionable, and "fancy" colors, when they occur naturally, are rare and expensive. Diamond color treatments can help you get these coveted colors for less. For example, black diamonds are permanently treated to give the diamonds their dark, mysterious look. What does diamond carat mean? Diamonds are weighed in units called carats. A diamond carat is measured in increments called points. One carat is equal to 100 points. Carat weight is the easiest of the 4C's to determine because it is measured on a diamond scale. Two diamonds of equal weight can have very unequal value depending upon the cut, color and clarity of each. Very small differences in carat weight can sometimes result in a disproportionate cost. To the naked eye, the difference between a 1 1/10 carat and 1 1/5 carat diamond might be impossible to discern, but the cost difference between those carat weights can be significant for otherwise comparable diamonds. What is diamond clarity? Diamond clarity being the degree to which a diamond is free from flaws, which can hinder light as it passes through your diamond. Like people, diamonds have "birthmarks" that vary in size, shape, position, quantity and color. These birthmarks are known as inclusions (internal) and blemishes (external). Inclusions are formed deep in the earth during the diamond's growth. Blemishes can result from the diamond-cutting process. The clarity grade is determined based on the size, number, position of, nature and color of the diamond'"s blemishes. Though nearly all diamonds have inclusions and blemishes, the most prized diamonds are flawless. What is diamond cut? Of the 4C's of diamonds, a diamond's cut has the greatest influence on its fire, sparkle and brilliance, making it, arguably, the most important C. Cut refers not only to the shape of a diamond, but more importantly to its proportions (how the diamond's angles and facets relate to one another), symmetry (the precision of its cut), and polish (the surface of the diamond). A diamond's cut is harder to quantify than diamond color, diamond clarity and diamond carat weight. The cut of a diamond is determined by the master craftsman, who formulates the best way to shape, facet and polish the diamond to maximize its beauty. When grading the cut of a diamond, laboratories evaluate the diamond for its brilliance, fire and scintillation. Brilliance is the intensity of the white light that is reflected, both from the surface of the diamond as well as from the inside. Diamond fire, also known as dispersion, it's how the light scatters through diamonds to create a rainbow of light, like a prism. Diamond scintillation are the flashes of white light that are visible when you move your diamond. These flashes are also known as "sparkle." When a diamond is "Ideal-Cut," it means the angles and proportions of the diamond have been cut to produce the ultimate sparkle, fire and brilliance. View Less
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