Ideal Price for a Diamond Engagement Ring?

Bridal Article - I Do, To Do

How much should I pay for a diamond engagement ring?

We'll cut to the chase - there is no set price you should pay for an engagement ring. It is an individual determination that should be carefully considered based on your own financial factors.

A common method for determining how much to spend is to use three months' salary as a guide. Depending on your financial comfort zone, though, this could be more or less.

Keep in mind that you're not just paying for a diamond gem itself. You're purchasing a metal setting, possibly accent stones, not to mention the cost of craftsmanship. All these layers, from mining to design, impact the price of your ring.

You should always focus on overall quality when you start the shopping process. Pay attention to the 4C's with every ring you examine.

For example, you may choose a diamond with a slightly yellow color in order to get a larger diamond.

Here's a quick tip...If your budget is tight, you could save a significant amount by choosing a diamond that is just under a carat, rather than a full 1 carat.

There are so many options when it comes to engagement rings, one of which is sure to make her ecstatic when you pop the question. With a little knowledge on your side and the help of a KAY Jewelry Consultant, you can shop with confidence and make her dreams come true!