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The Top Things to Consider When Choosing
an Anniversary Ring

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An anniversary band is a stunning and symbolic way to celebrate the years you’ve shared, and those to come. It can serve as an upgrade to an existing engagement or wedding band, or it can be a standalone accessory. With so many options, from diamonds to gemstones and beyond, it can be difficult to choose an anniversary band.  
Don’t worry – at KAY, we’re here to help! Below are a few things to consider to help you narrow your search.

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How to Wear It

Will the anniversary band be stacked with your spouse’s engagement ring and wedding band? Perhaps it will be worn with just the engagement ring, or worn alone on a different finger. Once you can determine the ring size, you know what ring size and general shape to look for.

stack of diamond anniversary bands from KAY

To Match or Not to Match

If the anniversary ring will be worn with an engagement and/or wedding band, you want to make sure it coordinates. It can be a different color of gold or include colorful gemstones, but it should still pair well with the other rings. If the anniversary band will be worn separately, then you have free reign! But of course, keep your spouse’s style in mind as you search for the perfect ring.

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What About Tradition?

Each anniversary has a traditional gift associated with it. Many are connected to a particular metal or stone, especially big milestone years. Consider if you’d like to incorporate these traditional elements into your gift, or if you want something different.

Education from the Experts

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WEDDING Anniversary Gift Guide

Whether you’re just starting out or about to hit a big anniversary, get help selecting the right gift to celebrate key milestones in your relationship.

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