Bridal Sets: What are the Benefits?

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Perks to buying a Bridal Set

A set can be your best option when it comes to splendor and convenience. Think of it as one-stop shopping - you'll be purchasing two rings that not only perfectly complement each other but can also save you money.

Let's define a bridal set

  • A bridal set contains 2 rings: an engagement ring and wedding band for the bride.

No wedding band for the groom is included in this set, though matching men's and women's rings are available separately. You can read more about deciding if matching bands are right for a couple, Click here.

Some major benefits of a bridal set

  • Sets have a cohesive style, shape, metal and proportion, details you would be required to match on your own after the fact, which can be challenging.
  • You'll have the assurance that her engagement ring and band will fit together seamlessly.