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Blue Gemstones and Blue Stone Names

Getting the blues doesn’t have to be a sad thing. Jewelry featuring blue gemstones and blue jewelry comes in a variety of shades and styles. Let’s explore various blue stones!

Loose blue sapphire stone


Sapphire is probably the most popular of all of the blue gemstones. This precious stone is paired with diamonds in an engagement ring. Sapphire is traditionally a deep blue color. The sapphire is the birthstone for those born in the month of September. It’s also the suggested gemstone for celebrating a fifth wedding anniversary. Shop sapphire jewelry designs from Kay Jewelers to find choices for every style.

Loose blue aquamarine stone


The aquamarine is versatile and popular in many designs and settings. This precious gemstone comes in shades of blues with hints of cyan and green. When it comes to blue gemstones, the aquamarine is more affordable than blue sapphire. Aquamarine is also the birthstone for those born in the month of March. Shop Aquamarine Jewelry from Kay Jewelers to find all types of styles and designs.

Loose blue topaz stone

Blue Topaz

You’ll find topaz in blue colors ranging from sky blue to deeper shades of blue. The blue topaz is born when a colorless topaz undergoes a diffusion process. Topaz is a traditional gift for the fourth wedding anniversary. Blue topaz jewelry is stunning in white gold or silver tones and is often brighter than other blue gemstones. Blue topaz is also the birthstone for those born in December.

Loose blue topaz stone

Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds feature a darker shade of blue that might even look green in certain lights. Blue diamond jewelry naturally goes with white diamonds. You’ll find a good selection of blue diamond jewelry at Kay Jewelers.

Loose blue tanzanite stone


Depending on how it is treated, Tanzanite gemstone can look light blue or even have a purple shade. Tanzanite jewelry can even have a more intense bright-blue color. Tanzanite jewelry looks beautiful in rose gold jewelry settings and paired with other gemstones.

Loose blue turquoise stone


Turquoise jewelry ranges in colors of light blue to bold blue with a touch of green. You may associate turquoise with a Southwestern style. Traditionally Turquoise is found in silver jewelry pieces or in a bold pendant style necklace.

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There are certain jewelry designs that feature blue without adding gemstones. Jewelry with blue ion-plated stainless steel has a deep blue color or dark blue hue. Stop by a Kay store near you to explore all types of jewelry for all fashion tastes.