Nail Polish to Show off my Engagement Ring

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Hands with the perfect nail polish shade to complement their engagement rings

Best Nail Polish to make my Ring POP!

Once you're engaged, not only are you committed to your fiance, but you also have a new commitment to keep your nails freshly polished. Below are some recommended polish colors based of your ring setting and stone cut that are sure to make your engagement ring pop!

Ring Setting

White Gold setting: A versatile metal, white gold goes pairs well with a deep purple or dark metallic polish to add the perfect amount of contrast.

Yellow Gold setting: A traditional metal for engagement rings, yellow gold will be sure to shine with pastel nail polishes and shades of pink.

Rose Gold setting: Sport vibrant red polish to bring out the pink tones of rose gold Try a champagne color to bring out the rose in a subtle fashion.

Stone Shape

Round: The classic round shape will look best with warm, rosy tone nail polishes to match the elegance of the round shape.

Cushion: A timeless cut like the cushion calls for a simple polish like nude shades. It is recommended to avoid vibrant colors with this shape.

Oval: Try and match your nail shape to the oval cut to elongate your fingers. A beautiful cream polish can add a sense of glamour to the oval shape.

Princess: The sharp corners of the princess cut will be sure to pop with a vibrant polish like an apple red or fuchsia.

Emerald: A pale pink or peach polish amplifies the rectangular shape of the emerald. Avoid nail art with this shape as it can clash with the angular cuts.

Pear: This sparkly cut shines on its own, so go with a subtle beige nail polish. An almond shape nail also pairs well to elongate your fingers.

Marquise: The unique and daring look of the marquise shape will be sure to pop with rose gold polish or a daring teal.