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Hands with the perfect nail polish shade to complement their engagement rings

Best Nail Polish to Make My Ring POP!

Once you’re engaged, you’ll be excited to show off your ring to friends and family, and, of course, on social media. Freshly polished nails are one way to really make your engagement ring pop. Here are some tips for colors to consider based on metal color and overall style. 

Metal Color 

  • White Gold: Versatile white gold will pair well with any color. Consider a darker shade, like deep purple, or a metallic polish to add some contrast. 

  • Yellow Gold: Classic yellow gold will surely shine with light neutral nail polishes and shades of pink. 

  • Rose Gold: Vibrant red nail polish can bring out the pink tones of rose gold. For something monochromatic, try a rosy pink or a champagne gold. 

Ring Style 

  • Classic: For classic and vintage-inspired styles, go with classic shades like red or pink. Solitaires are simple and elegant, so you can pair any color with them. For three-stone rings, consider regal shades like purple, royal blue, or emerald green. Pair darker shades or softer neutrals with ornate vintage styles. 

  • Romantic: Twisted bands, elegant frames, and heart-shaped stones are hallmarks of a romantic ring. Choose reds, pinks, and soft metallics for this ring style. For a little contrast, consider cooler shades like blue or teal. 

  • Halo: This modern design will be beautifully complemented by modern colors. Consider trendier shades like teal, navy blue, forest green, or burgundy. For something lighter, go with dusty blue, bush pink, or a soft neutral like taupe. 

  • Unique: For unconventional styles, anything goes! Have fun and pick a bold shade that brings out the style of your ring. If you have black diamonds, try black nail polish. For styles with sharp angles and bold designs, consider a bright color or metallic shade. 

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