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GemEx Ratings

Shedding Light on GemEx Ratings

Some diamonds come with a GemEx Report, which measures an individual stone's light performance. Better light performance results in a more beautiful diamond.

GemEx Systems is an independent laboratory that provides certification stating the measurement of the fire, sparkle and brilliance of your diamond. This information is shown on the chart provided with your diamond.

How Is Light Performance Determined?

GemEx ratings are determined by the use of BrillianceScope Analyzers, which measure the following:

  • Brilliance, or white light
  • Fire, or color light
  • Sparkle, or scintillation

How Do I Read My GemEx Certificate?

The GemEx certificate identifies your diamond and grades it against other diamonds with a similar shape. Each certificate includes:

  • A bar graph that serves as a quick reference for a diamond's Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle.
  • Five light measurements based on light performance at different angles.
  • An image of your diamond.

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