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Ruby jewelry | July Birthstone

Green banner with blue squares on the outside edges shows a ruby gemstone and the word “Ruby”.

July Birthstone: The Ruby

The color red is the color of the July birthstone. Many cultures associate red with fire, courage, passion and good fortune. Some consider this a stone for royalty in addition to being a stone for love. If you hadn’t guessed, the ruby – a gemstone ranging from orange to purplish red – is the birthstone for July. That means that, if you or someone in your life has a July birthday, ruby jewelry makes for a thoughtful gift.

All About July’s Birthstone

The ruby birthstone instantly captivates with its rich red color. The word ruby stems from the Latin word “ruber” meaning red. In Sanskrit, ruby is called “Ratnaraj” which means “King of Precious Stones”. Curiously, the July birthstone shares a chemical make-up with the sapphire gemstone that is classically blue. It is considered one of the cardinal gems alongside emerald, sapphire, amethyst and diamond.
COLOR: Rubies can range from soft pink to deep, almost blood red. The gemstone’s place of origin can affect its color. For example, rubies from Asia tend to be slightly pinker than rubies from Africa.
DURABILITY:Rubies are tough with a 9 out of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

History of the Birthstone for July

Ruby deposits can be found all over the world from Thailand to Australia, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Scotland and more. A small amount of them have even been found here in the U.S. in the Carolinas, Montana and Wyoming. Traders carried the July birthstone along the Silk Road. The world’s most valuable ruby is the Sunrise Ruby. This ruby is the most expensive in the world and considered one of the rarest. Sotheby’s last sold it for $30.42 million. The 25.59-carat gem is “pigeon blood” colored and named for a poem by the 13th-century poet Rumi.

What do People Associate With Ruby?

Since the gemstone has been celebrated for centuries, it has many legends surrounding it. For instance, in India, some believe that rubies allowed the wearers to find peace with enemies. July’s birthstone was rumored to grow darker as danger neared but returned to its original color afterward. Royalty would wear the stone as an amulet against evil. Warriors also believed that the gem could grant invincibility in battle. Modern-day associations with the gem attribute success, health, wisdom and love to the red gem. A popular gift for partners, ruby jewelry can also represent the 40th wedding anniversary.

July Birthstone Jewelry Care

Each gemstone features a Mohs hardness scale ranking. This ranking helps determine a stone’s impact resistance and robustness. Ranking at a 9 out of 10, the July birthstone is very tough. Only the diamond and moissanite gemstones rank higher. It can withstand impacts and some temperature changes but may harm other, softer gemstones. It may be wise to store it away from soft stones like pearls.

Is Ruby Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?

Jewelry with the birthstone for July is great for everyday wear. The toughness level makes it a hardy stone perfect for rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

How to Clean Ruby Jewelry

You can clean July birthstone jewelry with mild soap and warm water. You can also use steam or ultrasonic cleaning. Speak to a KAY associate to take advantage of KAY's free jewelry cleaning services.

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KAY carries many unique ruby birthstone styles, from necklaces and bracelets to earrings and more. Browse our collection of July birthstone jewelry online or in-store at a KAY near you.

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