Engagement Rings at Work: The Right Ring for Your Job

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Since an engagement ring is typically worn every day, it is wise to think about daily activities, such as work and hobbies when deciding on a style. It's always an option to wear a plain band to work and keep the bling at home. But if you're set on wearing your engagement ring all the time, here are some tips to consider:

Healthcare & teaching: Doctors, nurses, massage therapists, teachers, and childcare professionals

  • Round edges on a gem will significantly lessen the likelihood of scratching another person. A cushion-cut or round diamond would be a good fit.
  • Think about the type of setting as well. A lower-set diamond will be easier to wear under gloves and will be less exposed to damage.

Law enforcement & public servants: Police officers, social workers, and security guards

  • Women who may find themselves in hazardous or risky situations might choose to wear a more subdued ring out of precaution.
  • A more delicate diamond with excellent cut, clarity and color may be a nice option.
  • Halo rings can be equally stunning as a large singular diamond, but in an arguably more secure presentation.

Other professions:

  • Sales & the Corporate World
  • Chefs & Others that Use Their Hands