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Red Gemstones and Red Stone Names

Are you a lady in red? Or, do you want to be one? Start with red gemstone jewelry! From light red to deep, dark red hues, there is a wide range of red stones available. What gems are the color red? Let’s explore red stone names!

Loose red ruby stone


The red ruby is long-associated with passion, love, and desire. The ruby gemstone is a deep-red shade. You can find rubies in shades from dark red to pink. Deeper colors have a higher value. Scientifically, rubies come from the same mineral as sapphires. The only difference is the color! Jewelry featuring the ruby looks beautiful in all gold types. The ruby is the birthstone for July.

Loose red garnet stone


The red garnet is a deep red color and comes in various popular jewelry styles. You’ll find garnets in reds as well as greens and dark pink. The most popular garnet type is red garnet. The garnet is the birthstone for those born in January. Garnet jewelry is always a sweet choice.

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If you are looking for jewelry that features the color red, consider red enamel jewelry. The bright red colors from the red enamel look great paired with sterling silver or white gold. Stop by a Kay Jewelers store near you to explore all red stone jewelry. .