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As the step before an engagement ring, a promise ring symbolizes love and devotion, perfect for couples who are not quite ready for an engagement ring but want to show their commitment to each other.

What does a promise ring mean?

A promise ring doesn't have to just be for a committed couple. Promise rings could also symbolize a promise to yourself or a promise between friends. Whatever the occasion, a promise ring is a beautiful symbol of dedication and devotion. Shop Kay Jewelers for custom promise rings and diamond promise rings.

Can promise rings symbolize other commitments?

Promise rings can be exchanged between friends, pledging friendship forever. Promise rings may also be given by a parent to a child as a way of saying "I'll love you forever." Promise rings may also be known as purity rings, and represent a pledge of abstinence. They can be worn as a promise of anything, really, like a commitment to faith, to a goal, or a pledge to break a bad habit.

What hand is a promise ring go on?

Which finger the ring is worn on is also quite individual to each relationship, but the left ring finger is a common choice - particularly if the ring is an expression of romance. If an engagement ring comes along in the future, the promise ring often moves over to the opposite hand.

What does a promise ring look like?

Promise rings typically are smaller and subtler than engagement rings. Diamonds are popular, but in smaller sizes or clusters, or with gemstones - usually the focus is not on the diamond, but on the overall design.

How is a promise ring different from an engagement ring?

With the popularity of promise rings increasing, many want to know what defines a promise ring.Furthermore, how is it different from an engagement ring ? Simply put, you give or get an engagement ring when you intend to be married, while the reasons for giving and getting promise rings vary, and often only the wearer and giver know what the promise is.

Promise rings for men

If you are looking for promise rings for men or men's promise rings, then a men's wedding band could be a great choice with equal meanings of promise rings for women. Claddagh rings are also popular promise rings.

What does a Claddagh ring mean?

The Claddagh ring is an Irish symbol of love, friendship, and loyalty. A proper Claddagh features two hands holding a heart, topped with a crown. This has become a timeless and meaningful way to express a variety of relationships, from friends to couples. Claddagh rings are commonly used as promise rings. On the flip side, some people use their Claddagh rings to signal that they are single - wearing your ring with the heart facing outward indicates you are available. When you find that right person, remember to turn your ring the other way

Personalized promise rings for her

Shop Kay for personalized promise rings for your girlfriend, friend, daughter or any special woman in your life you'd like to make a promise to. Customize your promise ring with a special message or important birthstone.

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