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Pearl Jewelry

Cultured pearls are an elegant choice and suitable for many special occasions, from proms, weddings, and formals to business and casual functions. With their creamy, lustrous texture and iridescence, cultured pearls shine in their own unique way. As the birthstone of June, cultured pearls make a fantastic June birthday gift. Available in many styles, cultured pearls range from nostalgic to modern. Pearls are made up of layer upon layer of lustrous nacre produced within mollusk shells. Because pearls are so seldom found in nature, humans have created a system of producing cultured pearls. In this process, tiny irritants are inserted inside the mollusk shell. As nacre builds up around the irritants over time, beautiful cultured pearls are created. Almost all pearls you find in stores today are cultured.

Color: Pink, silver, cream, white, golden, gray, blue, black, and green. They can also be dyed. Luster, the reflective surface sheen, is also very important, as well as smoothness.

Durability: Usually good durability, but variable. Pearls can scratch or show wear, especially when mounted in rings.

Pearl Jewelry Care

Is Cultured Pearl Jewelry Safe for Normal Wear?
Pearls are extremely soft, making them vulnerable to scratches and breaking. Take extra care of your cultured pearl jewelry to keep it long-lasting and beautiful. Be extra careful with cultured pearl rings, which will take more regular impact. Avoid exposure to household chemicals, including hairspray, perfume and cosmetics. Pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off.

How to Clean Cultured Pearl Jewelry
Cultured pearls are a very delicate stone. To clean, wipe your pearls with a soft, dry (or slightly damp) cloth. KAY's cleaning wipes are a good, gentle option for pearls. Do not soak your pearls in the water and soap solution. Never use ultrasonic or steam cleaners. Pearl strands that are worn often should be restrung every two years. Ask your KAY jewelry consultant for details.

How to Store Cultured Pearl Jewelry
Storing your jewelry properly is essential for keeping your cultured pearls in good condition. Store any cultured pearls you have in a soft jewelry pouch away from other accessories.

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