What are Chocolate Diamonds

"Chocolate Diamonds" is the name Le Vian coined for the natural fancy color brown diamonds that are featured in Le Vian® fine jewelry. It is a trademark that is synonymous with Le Vian throughout the world. Le Vian holds the registered trademark for Chocolate Diamonds in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, European Union, and throughout the Middle East and Asia, to name a few. Le Vian's purpose in obtaining a registered trademark was to assure its million plus collectors, as well as new Le Vian fans around the world, that Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds are responsibly sourced by Le Vian in accordance with its exacting standards.

Along with its efforts to register the Chocolate Diamonds trademark throughout the world, Le Vian has spent millions of dollars in promoting its Chocolate Diamonds brand internationally, building goodwill with consumers with the brand, as well as reintroducing the public to this beautiful natural color diamond. Contrary to popular belief, Le Vian is not the first to use brown diamonds in jewelry. Actually, brown diamonds were the first natural color diamond to be used in jewelry, by second century Romans who set the stone in rings.

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