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Lab-created diamonds are an exceptional mix of master craftsmanship and science - in fact, they have the same optical, chemical, and physical properties as natural diamonds. The core differences are the time they took to form, and their origin.

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KAY lab-created diamonds are colorless, with little to no inclusions visible to the naked eye, for a stunning look that maximizes your budget. And whether lab-created or natural, our diamonds are 100% conflict-free.

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With over 100 years experience, we know diamonds. We believe that diamonds are right for everyone, but everyone may have a different idea as to which diamond is right for them. At KAY, our goal is to help you determine the best diamond to meet your needs.

KAY Diamond Comparison Natural Diamonds Lab-Created Diamonds
Is it a Diamond? Yes Yes
Primary Chemical Composition Carbon Carbon
Source The Earth A Laboratory
Time to Create 1 to 3 Billion Years Several Weeks to Months
Supply/Rarity Finite and Rare Unknown at this Time
Independently Certified Yes* Yes*
100% Conflict-Free Yes Yes
KAY Responsible Sourcing Commitment Yes Yes
Industry Sourcing Standards Established Yes In Development
Included in the Lifetime Diamond Commitment Yes Yes
Eligible for Trade-In Yes No
Price Comparison (of comparable quality and size) $$$ $$
*Select styles & carat weights

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