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rose gold Le Vian gemstone fashion rings
Shop Le Vian Grape Amethyst

Grape Amethyst

Amethysts come in a variety of shades, from light purple to the deepest royal purple, which is the sweet flavor of Grape Amethyst. Le Vian® takes February's birthstone to new majestic heights with stunning designs featuring the deepest candy color Grape Amethyst.

Shop Grape Amethyst

Shop Le Vian Sea Blue Aquamarine

Sea Blue Aquamarine

The color of aquamarine, March's birthstone, is determined by traces of iron in the stone. Special Le Vian® cutting techniques bring out the more saturated hues of Sea Blue Aquamarine to strike the perfect balance between soothing and deep blue.

Shop Sea Blue Aquamarine

Shop Le Vian Aquaparise

Peacock Aquaparise

Earth's newest gemstone, Peacock Aquaprase is a type of chalcedony with a blue-green hue. Each gem has a unique and special combination of the seafoam color and matrix. The mesmerizing stone is sure to steal hearts in Le Vian® designs.

Shop Peacock Aquaparise

Shop Le Vian Blueberry Zircon

Blueberry Zircon

The world's oldest gemstone, Blueberry Zircon, is double reflective, which means you can see more facets and fire. Le Vian® cuts this gemstone with exacting standards to display a unique blue color that adds vibrance to any piece of jewelry.

Shop Blueberry Zircon

Shop Le Vian Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate Diamonds

Le Vian® is the only company on Earth to make jewelry with Chocolate Diamonds. Their rich natural color is determined by the amount of pressure the diamond receives in the earth, and Chocolate Diamonds are Le Vian®'s original brand of natural fancy color brown diamonds.

Shop Chocolate Diamonds

Shop Le Vian Nude Diamond

Nude Diamonds

These neutral colored diamonds provide a chic monochromatic sparkle complementary to the latest fashion and beauty trends. Sourced directly through Le Vian® and cut to Le Vian® standards, Nude Diamonds are destined to reinvent fine jewelry.

Shop Nude Diamonds

Shop Le Vian Deep Sea Blue Topaz

Deep Sea Blue Topaz

Exquisite blue topaz is favored for its range of hues, from icy cool blues as seen in Ocean Blue Topaz to deep, Mediterranean blues like Deep Sea Blue Topaz. This beautiful gemstone is often featured in the Le Vian Denim collection.

Shop Deep Sea Blue Topaz

Shop Le Vian Costa Smeralda Emeralds

Costa Smeralda Emeralds

Costa Smeralda Emeralds are named for the majestic Emerald Coast in Sardinia, one of the most breathtaking beaches in the Mediterranean. Le Vian® artisans choose the finest color and clarity natural emerald melee to create the luxurious designs.

Shop Costa Smeralda Emeralds

Shop Le Vian Peach Morganite

Peach Morganite

Morganite, the sister stone of emerald and aquamarine, receives its blush hue from traces of manganese. Le Vian® often pairs the peachy pink flavors of Peach Morganite with Strawberry Gold to create elegant, monochromatic styles.

Shop Peach Morganite

Shop Le Vian Neopolitan Opal

Neopolitan Opal

This fascinating, kaleidoscopic gem gets its colors from silica spheres within the stone. Neopolitan Opal has an intriguing play of background colors and captivating iridescence that blend deliciously with other Le Vian® flavors. 

Shop Neopolitan Opal

Shop Le Vian Strawberry Pearl

Strawberry Pearls

Le Vian® achieves a soft, romantic flavor with cultured Strawberry Pearls by using very high grade natural color freshwater cultured pearls from Japan. Sweet styles with cultured Strawberry Pearls® are a wonderful gift for a June birthday.

Shop Strawberry Pearls

Shop Le Vian Chocolate Pearl

Chocolate Pearls

To satisfy the craving for the June birthstone, Le Vian® sought out rare South Sea cultured pearls that have reached the desired chocolate flavor. Decadent cultured Chocolate Pearls are beautifully complemented by Chocolate Diamonds and Vanilla Diamonds.

Shop Chocolate Pearls

Shop Le Vian Raspberry Rhodolite

Raspberry Rhodolite

Le Vian® chose the most pleasing flavor of garnet, Raspberry Rhodolite, to reinvent the January birthstone. The decadent, deep burgundy gemstone is a stunning star in styles flavored with Strawberry Gold and Chocolate Diamonds.

Shop Raspberry Rhodolite

Shop Le Vian Passion Ruby

Passion Ruby

The strength of a ruby's red hue comes from the amount of chromium in the gem. One of the most valued gems throughout history, Le Vian® uses Passion Ruby to create exquisite pieces of jewelry with a romantic touch.

Shop Passion Ruby

Shop Le Vian Blueberry Sapphire

Blueberry Sapphire

Le Vian® chooses only genuine sapphires with a rich royal blue, blueberry flavor for jewelry with September's birthstone. Le Vian® offers both classic and contemporary looks with Blueberry Sapphires, featured in the Denim Ombré collection.

Shop Blueberry Sapphire

Shop Le Vian Chocolate Quartz

Chocolate Quartz

This delicious quartz brings Le Vian Chocolatier to a new level with its bold chocolate flavor, which is exquisitely revealed through Le Vian®'s proprietary gem cuts. Chocolate Quartz offers the perfect complement to fashions of today and tomorrow.

Shop Chocolate Quartz

Shop Le Vian Blueberry Tanzanite

Blueberry Tanzanite

Mesmerizing Blueberry Tanzanite has tri-chronic qualities, which means it shows different colors when viewed in different directions. This exquisite gemstone strikes the perfect balance between blueberry, lilac, and orchid tones.

Shop Blueberry Tanzanite

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