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A lovely way to symbolize the things you love, a charm bracelet is a fun accessory and a meaningful gift. You can add to it through the years to commemorate new experiences and those closest to you. Build a charm bracelet to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion, and give a gift your loved one will cherish forever.

But where should you begin?
•    Start with a Bracelet: First, think about the jewelry your loved one wears and choose a sterling silver or gold bracelet. Some bracelets have a charm or two to start, and others are blank. Both are great options – it all depends on the kinds of charms you want on the bracelet.
•    What’s the Occasion?: Is this for a birthday or holiday? A graduation or other milestone? A wedding or anniversary? The occasion can help determine the theme of the bracelet. For example, if this is a Mother’s Day gift, you will want to choose charms that represent motherhood. You can also include birthstones for her children. If it’s a birthday gift, you may want to select charms that represent the wearer’s personality and interests.
•    Get Creative: Now for the fun part – picking out charms! Browse KAY’s collection of sterling silver and gold charms and discover which designs speak to you. Choose from traditional designs like hearts and crosses, family designs, and animals. We also carry charms for jobs, sports, and other interests. You can create a full bracelet of charms, or include two or three and add to it later.

A charm bracelet is a meaningful gift that shows your love and her personality!
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