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How to Choose the
Right Gemstone Jewelry

Choosing the right gemstone jewelry starts with understanding the color (or hue), clarity, and carat. Some believe that each gemstone also brings its own unique powers, from inspiring creativity to warding off evil. While many gemstones can be found in nature, lab-created gemstones are also an excellent option. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or looking to treat yourself to something special, here’s what you should know about the gemstones Kay has to offer.

Explore Gemstones From A-Z

Alexandrite Stones


Popular for its color-changing properties, alexandrite is thought to bring luck, good fortune, and love.

• Alternative June birthstone
• 55th anniversary gemstone
• Blueish green in daylight to purplish red in incandescent light
• Known for its toughness and resistance to heat, light, and everyday chemicals

Loose blue aquamarine stone


Symbolizing hope, health, and youth, aquamarine is considered a powerful meditation tool that heightens mental clarity.

• Birthstone: March
• 19th anniversary gemstone
• Comes in shades of blue with hints of cyan and green
• Can be somewhat brittle and is sensitive to chips and scratches

Gemstone Amethyst


The color of royalty and a traditional symbol of peace, tranquility, and protection, amethyst is thought to inspire creativity and promote intelligence.

• Birthstone: February
• 6th anniversary gemstone
• Ranges from pale lilac to deep violet
• A member of the quartz family with good toughness

Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz

Symbolizing wisdom, sincerity, and bravery, blue topaz is said to have temperature-cooling properties that soothe intense moods.

• Birthstone: December
• 4th anniversary gemstone
• Although topaz comes in a wide range of colors, blue is the most popular
• Excellent durability makes it perfect for everyday wear

Gemstone Citrine


Taking its name from the French word for lemon, citrine is said to represent happiness, power, and health, while helping to fight feelings of depression and insecurity.

• Birthstone: November
• Yellow hues ranging from light to golden to brownish-red
• Good toughness makes it suitable for everyday wear

Diamond Gemstone


A classic choice for engagement rings because of their elegance and versatility, diamonds symbolize eternal love, invincibility, and fearlessness.

• Birthstone: April
• 60th anniversary gemstone
• Little or no color is the most popular, but they come in a variety of hues
• Considered the hardest gemstone, they are extremely durable

Emerald Gemstone


Said to promote fertility and symbolize unchanging love, rebirth, and faithfulness, emeralds are one of the big three most popular gemstones.

• Birthstone: May
• 20th anniversary gemstone
• Dark to medium green with hints of blue
• Often scratch and chip easily and must be cleaned gently

Garnet Gemstone


The garnet embodies friendship, loyalty, devotion, trust, and sincerity. It is also said to contain protective energies that keep nightmares at bay.

• Birthstone: January
• 2nd anniversary gemstone
• Colors range from ruby red to smoky brown, with deep red being the most popular
• Fair to good toughness; good for everyday wear

Morganite Gemstone


Said to bring healing, compassion, assurance, and promise, morganite combines feminine colors with a radiant sparkle.

• Ranging from light pink to subtle orange pink
• Often paired with rose gold and white gold
• Very good toughness makes it suitable for everyday wear

Gemstone Onyx


Striking and surprisingly affordable, onyx has a reputation for sharpening wits, eliminating negative thinking, and bringing spiritual inspiration to the wearer.

• 7th anniversary gemstone
• Solid black, uniform, and consistent in color
• Often paired with sterling silver or white gold
• Good toughness, durable, and easy to care for

Opal Gemstone


Famously called the “queen of gems” by Shakespeare, opals represent hope, purity, and confidence and were said to be a rainbow turned to stone.

• Birthstone: October
• 14th anniversary gemstone
• Popular for their colorful flecks, known as play-of-color
• Contain a high percentage of water and should be treated with extra care

Peridot Gemstone


Originating from deep within volcanoes, peridot is thought to ward off evil and bad dreams. It also symbolizes luck, peace, strength, and success.

• Birthstone: August
• 16th anniversary gemstone
• Ranges from yellowish grass-green to dark olive green
• Fair toughness; not ideal for everyday wear

Pearl Gemstone


Known for their elegance, both natural and cultured pearls are associated with the moon and signify charity, wisdom, and purity.

• Birthstone: June
• 30th anniversary gemstone
• Most often come in pink, silver, cream, gold, gray, blue, black, and green
• Look for luster and smoothness when choosing a pearl

Ruby Gemstone


One of the big three gemstones and known as the King of the Gems, ruby is thought to bring power, courage, and good fortune.

• Birthstone: July
• 40th anniversary gemstone
• Red with hints of brown, purple, or pink
• Excellent toughness and suitable for everyday wear

Sapphire Gemstone


One of the most popular gemstones, and one of the big three, sapphires symbolize faithfulness, honesty, and truth.

• Birthstone: September
• 45th anniversary gemstone
• Recognizable for their vibrant blue color, but also exist in other hues
• Known for their clarity and hardness; ideal for everyday wear

Tanzanite Gemstone


Relatively new to the gemstone world, tanzanite is believed to have mellowing properties, giving the wearer a sense of calm.

• Alternative December birthstone
• 24th anniversary gemstone
• Sapphire blue and deep purple, based on lighting conditions and viewing angle
• Poor toughness; can be vulnerable to scratches and chips

Tourmaline Gemstone


One of the more colorful gemstones, tourmaline represents compassion and wisdom and is thought to promote healing, flexibility, and spirituality.

• Alternate October birthstone
• 8th anniversary gemstone
• Comes in many colors with pink being one of the most popular
• High durability makes it suitable for everyday wear

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