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What carat weight engagement ring should I buy?

It's an age-old question: Does the size of a diamond matter? Unfortunately, there is no standard answer. It all depends on other factors about the diamond, the qualities known as the 4Cs.

What you do need to know about size

  • The appearance of size is dependent on more than carat weight, cut, setting and overall design can make a difference in how large the diamond appears.
  • A large diamond of poor quality will show flaws very obviously. Because of this, it is recommended that you prioritize quality over size.

Other things you should consider about her

  • Think of her profession. Does she use her hands a lot? Might she worry about damaging the diamond? By the same token, how does she choose to present herself in her profession?
  • The attention factor. Undoubtedly, a big, beautiful diamond engagement ring can attract a crowd. If this isn't something she feels comfortable with, emphasizing other elements in the ring could be the way to go.

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